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DHS Girls Swim & Dive

Swim & Dive Meet Results 10/4
At the Swim and Dive meet on October 4, the Dysart team competed against Washington High School. The biggest challenge we came across this week was that the pool was a meters long course, which means that our distances are not what we are use to swimming. The Demons swam with heart and pushed hard through each of their events. In the end, both teams placed 2nd. Even though the pool was different, our team was able to complete their events in top places.

Our divers were amazing this week. Cameron Hoiland places first and Joshua Widomski placed second.

Our H2Os for this meet were Jaysa Macdonald and Ammon Flemming. Jaysa was determined and focused on her swimming.   She was where she needed to be and was helping others to be in the right place at the right time. Ammon tried some new events, which he did well in and he also showed a lot of spirit during the meet. 
DHS SwimmerDHS Swimmer
Posted : 10/11/2018 | Direct Link
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