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Stop the Bleed
Dysart district staff Stop the Bleed trainingBanner Health personnel recently trained district staff and nurses on Stop the Bleed, a national awareness campaign that encourages bystanders to become trained, equipped, and empowered to help in a bleeding emergency before first responders arrive.

Dysart District staff were taught about the ABC's of Bleeding, including how to use C.A.T. Tourniquets and hemostatic dressings in the event of an emergency situation.  

No matter how rapid the arrival of professional emergency responders, bystanders will always be first on the scene. A person who is bleeding can die from blood loss within five minutes, therefore it is important to quickly stop the blood loss. Those nearest to someone with life threatening injuries are best positioned to provide first care.  The Dysart School District hopes this training will allow staff to be prepared for any situation and be able to quickly care for those in need.

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Posted : 10/24/2018 | Direct Link
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