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Students compete in 3rd Pacer Invitational
A student runs in the Pacer Test.The Dysart Unified School District held its third annual District Pacer Invitational at Dysart High School on March 8, 2019.  Students in grades 4-8 from across the district participated in the Pacer Test, a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues.  Results are listed below along with a link to the photo gallery.  Congratulations to all those who participated!

Pacer 2019 Photo Gallery

Principal Pacer
1st Place:  Andy Frazier/ Sonoran Heights
2nd Place:  Dr. Poling/ Marley Park
3rd Place:  Jeremy St. Germain/ Kingswood

4th Grade Girls
1st Place:  Jayla Robles/ West Point Elementary
2nd Place:  Petra Moreno Gardea/ Ashton Ranch
3rd Place:  Mylie Fiori/ Rancho Gabriela

4th Grade Boys
1st Place:  Timothy Rubalcava/ Dysart Elementary
2nd Place:  Madden Obregon/ Ashton Ranch
3rd Place:  Justin Alvarez & Carson Hope/ Kingswood  (Tie)

5th Grade Girls
1st Place:  Maddie Daily/ West Point
2nd Place:  Emery Levin/ Sonoran Heights
3rd Place:  Angelina Sanchez/ Rancho Gabriela

5th Grade Boys
1st Place:  Aaron Hubbard/ Rancho Gabriela
2nd Place:  Connor Stogner/ West Point
3rd Place:  Dalan Hockstein/ Sonoran Heights

6th Grade Girls
1st Place:  Jayla Phillips/ Canyon Ridge
2nd Place:  Eliza Roman/ Luke Elementary
3rd Place:  Mia Cruz/ Rancho Gabriela

6th Grade Boys
1st Place:  Jacob Levin/ Sonoran Heights
2nd Place:  Luke Shea/ Dysart Elementary
3rd Place:  Braydon Brooks/ Luke Elementary, Nathan Johansen/ Canyon Ridge (Tie)

7th Grade Girls
1st Place:  Torah Dial/ Luke Elementary
2nd Place:  Natalie Cowles/ Canyon Ridge
3rd Place:  Eva Lopez/ Dysart Elementary

7th Grade Boys
1st Place:  Jacob Tovar/ Rancho Gabriela
2nd Place:  Angel Rocha/ Luke Elementary
3rd Place:  Joshua Villalobos/ West Point

8th Grade Girls
1st Place:  Leslie Duarte/ Luke Elementary
2nd Place:  Ninett Ramirez/ Luke Elementary
3rd Place:  Maiya Vannatta/ West Point

8th Grade Boys
1st Place:  Kade Ruff/ Marley Park
2nd Place:  Jarrod Lindsay/ West Point
3rd Place:  Immanuel Gonzalez/ Luke Elementary

All-School Championship Team:  Luke Elementary (78 points)
2nd Place:  West Point (61.5 points)
3rd Place:  Dysart Elementary (53 points)
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