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Dysart recognizes All District Boys Volleyball Team
Dysart recognizes All District Boys Volleyball TeamThe Dysart Unified School District held their inaugural All District Boys Volleyball Team Award presentation in an effort to recognize and celebrate the importance of athletics in a student’s educational journey. First Team, Second Team, and All Academic Team athletes were selected from Valley Vista, Shadow Ridge, Willow Canyon, and Dysart High Schools for the Spring 2019 season.

All Academic
Abraham Lindsey, DHS
Arthur Carter, DHS
Benjamin Harrison, SRHS
Anthony Gibbs, SRHS
Christian Tu, WCHS
Jason DeBord, WCHS
Arthur Miranda, VVHS
James Dore, VVHS

First Team
Adam Campbell, DHS
Carter Hall, SRHS
Arthur Carter, DHS
Marquis Kelly, WCHS
Darius Moore, SRHS
Davin McLeod, VVHS
Ethan Mason, VVHS
Quade Miller-Edwards, WCHS

Second Team
Austin Smalley, SRHS
Gage Mulrean, DHS
Aidan Volkman, SRHS
Zach Taylor, WCHS
Ezekiel Avila, WCHS
Arthur Miranda, VVHS
Parker Jenkins, VVHS
Sol Gonzalez, DHS

Posted : 5/9/2019 | Direct Link
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