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Dysart staff step it up
Dysart staff step it upThe Dysart Unified School District team received first place and defended their title as champions in the Wellness Council of Arizona 150 Mile Dash for Cash Virtual Challenge. During the four week competition, organizations and individuals competed against each other to complete the 150-mile virtual course (equivalent to 300,000 steps). The purpose of the challenge is to inspire employees all over Arizona to engage in physical activity through friendly competition.

Dysart had 42 participants this year and took home the top prize with a 382,072 team step average and 12,735 daily step average per employee.  Tracy Agnelli, plant manager at Countryside, was in the top ten employee step count.

This challenge is one of the many opportunities the Dysart Wellness department offers to keep our staff healthy and active.

The Wellness Council of Arizona promotes worksite health initiatives in Arizona by collaborating with healthcare providers, community leaders, businesses, and institutions to improve the health of employees and their families and believes that advancing health insights, lifestyles, and supportive cultures are invaluable tools in the workplace.
Posted : 6/5 | Direct Link
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