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ELMES Signature Program
Next year we are beginning a new signature program at El Mirage Elementary School - The Health and Wellness Academy. This program is intended to increase the amount of physical activities our students have before, during, and after school. We will add more sports, teach nutrition, expose them to health and sports-related careers, and integrate healthy lifestyles throughout learning in the school.

The purpose of our Health & Wellness Academy is to teach students about life-long healthy habits, and to help them become well-rounded individuals, with healthy minds and bodies. In an age of technology, we aim to increase their physical activity by encouraging them to get outside and play, to eat healthy, be confident in their abilities, and not be afraid to fail and try again.

You will notice that a committee of staff members, students, parents, and community members worked together to create this program, as well as the new vision and mission for the school. 

Vision: To empower our students, staff, and community to build strong, healthy minds and bodies.

Mission: El Mirage Elementary School is dedicated to the healthy mind and body of each student. We recognize the importance of academically preparing our students for college and careers, while teaching the skills necessary to become well-rounded, healthy individuals. Through health and wellness experiences, college preparation, and physical fitness, students will achieve their full potential and learn life-long skills for success.
Posted : 6/10 | Direct Link
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