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Mr. Brown named 12 News A+ Teacher of the Week
Mr. Chris Brown recognized by 12 News as the A+ Teacher of the WeekChris Brown, Dysart High School American Sign Language (ASL) Teacher, was recognized by 12 News as the A+ Teacher of the Week. Trisha Hendricks from 12 News surprised Brown in his classroom this week along with Dysart High School alumnus, Emily DuFresne, who nominated Brown for the lasting impact he made on her life.

“Your show people how to become one with the deaf community,” said Emily. “I have used the skills you taught me at my job, and it is very special to me and to everybody that you teach, we thank you.”

Mr. Brown has been practicing sign language for 30 years and is currently in his sixth year of teaching ASL. “I love it, it is my passion,” said Brown. “What I hope to have happen when students encounter someone who is deaf or hard of hearing, that they are not afraid and that they can communicate.”

The 12 News A+ Teacher of the Week honors educators outstanding educators whose caring and compassion exceeds far beyond the classroom.  

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Posted : 10/24/2019 | Direct Link
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