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School Happenings

13th Annual Turkey Trot & Thanksgiving Lunch
Rancho Gabriela’s Thanksgiving lunch
Thursday, November 21st

All student families are invited to join us for for our Thanksgiving Feast.   Sadly, we have canceled the Turkey Trot due to weather.

Parents/guardians plan to arrive 10 minutes early to purchase lunch. Non-school age siblings may attend but must be supervised and stay with a parent at all times.
IYou can purchase lunch when you arrive on campus for everyone in your party in order to speed up the cafeteria process. 
Lunch cost is $3.50 for adults or non-students and $2.60 for students.

*Small bills or exact change will be greatly appreciated. Card payments are not accepted.
See Thanksgiving Flyer for more info.
Posted : 11/4/2019 | Direct Link
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