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Wildcat Athletics

Arizona Tax Credit
Support to Wildcat Athletics by donating to the Arizona Tax Credit.

Arizona Law (ARS 43-1089.01) allows married couples filing jointly a tax credit of up to $400 and individual taxpayers a tax credit of up to $200 when they contribute to extra-curricular activities in public schools. This tax credit is available to all who reside in Arizona and have a tax liability at least equal to that of their donation.  You do not have to be a parent of a child in a Dysart school to benefit from this law. Corporations are not eligible.  Contributions are donated directly to the schools.  This means your donations are used directly to support student activities of the Dysart school of your choice.   Donations may be submitted through April 15, 2020.

To ensure your donation goes directly to Wildcat Athletics select Willow Canyon and Athletics from the menu.

Online Tax Credit Contribution 

AZ Tax Credit Contribution Paper Form
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