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DHS Item Return and Pick Up
Phase 1:
JROTC Uniforms, Athletics, PE lockers, and Arts

May 7th: 9 am-2 pm
May 8th: 2 pm- 6 pm 

Spring Athletics
Students will bring their clean uniforms and equipment to the designated area for each sport. 
There will be an area for any previous season equipment that still needs to be returned. 

Students in JROTC need to return: For the dress uniform - Outer Gray shirt,Pants for male/Skirts for female, Black JROTC Windbreaker, Class A formal Jacket, Beret, In a zip lock bag put your name tag/rank, ribbons, arches, cords and all other items along with your belt and belt buckle.  Put your name on a slip of paper in the bag so we know it is yours.  Orienteering Team - Red Team Shirt.  Drill Team JROTC Drill Team Jacket.  You will not turn in shoes, socks or white t-shirt.

Arts collection will occur through the exterior classroom doors of the 2000 building 
Students in band will need to turn in instruments and collect any personal items still in band room
Students in art and ceramics will need to collect their artwork
Students in dance will need to turn in any equipment/costumes and collect any personal items
Students in choir will need to turn in any items and collect any personal items. 

PE Lockers/Sports Storage In Office
Students who need to get items out of the lockers will be escorted by coaches (limited numbers in locker room at a time). (Students need to bring their own bag to put their items in.)
Students will clear lockers, gather belongings, turn in PE lock into bin. 
Items that remain will be collected and donated to Goodwill of AZ.
Posted : 4/27/2020 | Direct Link
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