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8th Grade Virtual Promotion
Dear 8th Grade Parents and Guardians, 

Your child’s last year in an elementary school is coming quickly to a close.  During this unique time, we wanted to make sure to honor them while following social distancing rules. In order to do so, we are planning a virtual online presentation, a car parade in the front of the school at our original promotion time, and honoring your students on the daily video announcements. 

We do need your help in providing a picture that you would like used as your child’s name is being announced during the virtual ceremony. Please email it to  [email protected] or to your child’s teacher no later than May 8, 2020.  In addition, if you would like to provide a picture or pictures with a statement of congratulations about your child you can at [email protected]. We want to make sure each student is represented with a picture, so please reach out if you have any issues. Also, a Google Form is being sent to your child, so they can pick their shirt size by Tuesday, May 5th. 

Here are the details of the events:
  • Virtual Presentation will be released on May 20th in the morning on the Asante Channel and will be linked from our website.
  • Car Parade will be from 11:00 AM to 11:30 AM on May 20, 2020.  You will pull through the front of the school staying in your car where we will have music, decorations, and will hand your child their promotion certificate and 8th grade shirt.  Staff will be out front to congratulate the students as you drive through. 

We want to thank you for sharing your child with us this year, and we look forward to honoring them on the 20th.  Please stay healthy and safe. 


Emily Dean 
Posted : 4/28/2020 | Direct Link
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