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School Happenings

2021-2022 Course Selection
Dysart High School will be completing course selection for the 2021-2022 School Year in the coming weeks. 

Links to presentations, resources and documents will be added as the dates arrive. 

Course Selection Forms
Parent's please sign your child's course selection sheet so they can turn it in on time.
All forms must be received by January 22nd. Any student who does not submit a form will have their elective courses selected for them. 

January 11th-15th: Incoming 9th grade course selection
Monday, January 11th--  Presentation of the Course Selection Process and Presentation of DHS Courses and Programs 

Tuesday, January 12th-- Counselors at El Mirage Elementary and Rancho Gabriela Elementary for course selection 
Wednesday, January 13th-- Counselors at Luke Elementary and Marley Park Elementary for course selection
Thursday, January 14th-- Counselors at Dysart Elementary School for course selection 
Friday, January 15th--  Counselors at Riverview Elementary for course selection

DHS Incoming 9th Grade Course Selection Process Presentation-- Watch this to help you complete the course selection form and registration process. 

DHS Incoming 9th Grade Programs, Courses and Offerings Presentation-- Watch this to learn about the different programs, courses and opportunities at DHS. 

DHS AVID Incoming Student Application [PDF]

Have questions? Use this LINK to submit any questions you have about courses or the course selection process. 

January 19th-22nd: Current 9th-11th grade course selection 
Tuesday, January 19th-- 9th-11th grade students will get their course selection sheets and view their grade level specific presentation about courses for the next year. 
Wednesday, January 20th-Friday, January 22nd-- students will complete the online course selection process in their math class. 

Current 10th-12th Grade Course Selection Process Video
Current 10th-12th Grade Course Elective Presentation 

Current iSchool Students
Incoming 9th Graders: Parents can come to the DHS office from (7:00-3:30) January 11th-January 15th to complete their child's form. 

Current DHS 9th-11th graders: We will be sending the course selection information to the DUSD student email. Students will need to use the link click included in the email to complete their course selection process. All forms must be received by January 22nd. Any student who does not submit their form will have their courses selected for them. 

Additional Resources

DUSD Course Guide 

DHS CTE Programs 
Automotive Technology
Digital Photography
Graphic/Web Design
Network Security
Sports Medicine 
TV Broadcasting and Production 
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