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Read-a-thon raises $26,338
child holding booksA HUGE congratulations to all students and families for fundraising over $25,000 for Luke!  To celebrate this amazing achievement, Luke staff will be dying their hair blue and yellow this Friday for spirit day!  Please join us in celebrating this amazing accomplishment by wearing blue and yellow on Friday!

Congratulations again to Luke students for our fundraising efforts!  Our final fundraising dollars were $26,338! Our top fundraisers were: 
  • Parker from Ms. Villalobos raising $510
  • Mariah from Ms. Cox raising $520
  • Cruz from Ms. Villalobos, raising $555
  • Lilium from Ms. Harshman, raising $580
  • Vanessa from Ms. Harshman, raising $640
  • Sophia from Ms. Harshman, raising $688
  • Theodore from Ms. Villalobos, raising $825
  • Enrique from Ms. Love, raising $836
  • Leonette from Ms. Villalobos, raising $1,236
  • Emily from Ms. Staniforth, raising $1,500

And, RAISING $3,065 dollars, our top earner, Bryce from Ms. Michels classroom!

Thank you to everyone who participated!  Remember to wear blue and yellow this Friday to celebrate our school spirit.
Posted : 3/30 | Direct Link
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