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What's Happening in 2nd Grade?
Students sitting in circleSecond grade worked on a three week study on the life cycle of a chicken as part of a cross curricular science and ELA project. Our fantastic Luke teacher, McKayla Swank, had an incubator and eggs live streaming from a room in her house.  During class, students checked the eggs  to make observations and describe any changes over time. The students learned how to conduct research and worked together to study the eight different breeds that were incubating. They used this information to write a research paper! Last weekend, the eggs finally hatched and the newly born chicks were finally welcomed onto campus on Wednesday! Ms. Swank, Ms. Harshman, and Ms. Meads' classes all got to spend one day with all the chicks before sending them off to their new home! 

Posted : 4/19 | Direct Link
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