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Face Covering Update from Dysart
Hello Dysart parents and guardians,

Last week you were notified that the Dysart Governing Board would be discussing COVID protocols, including face coverings, at the April 28 meeting. The Board met and after much discussion, voted to maintain the face covering requirement for the last 16 days of the school year. Face coverings will continue to be provided to students who do not have one.

In order for Dysart students to finish the year strong, safe and healthy, we continue to need your help. Please ensure you are keeping your children home from school if they are symptomatic, and notify us if they have symptoms, test positive, or have had direct contact with someone that has tested positive. Details on our reporting and notification processes are available at

Thank you for your continued partnership. Together we can keep our community safe and healthy, and finish the year strong. 
Posted : 4/29 | Direct Link
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