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Dysart Unified School District hosts Fitnessgram Pacer Lap Invitational
Dysart Pacer InvitationalThe Dysart Unified School District held their first Fitnessgram Pacer Lap Invitational on March 3 at Dysart High School, to help promote physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

A Pacer lap assessment is a cardio-endurance challenge that tests the student’s ability to run back and forth to timed instructions.  The test starts slower and gets faster every 7 laps.  The students run as many laps as they can within the allotted time.  

More than 200 runners participated from 10 K-8 schools in the district.  Boys and girls in grades 4th through 8th grade were awarded medals for placing in the top three of their grade level.  Additionally, an all-school championship trophy was presented to the school with the most overall points earned by their team.

Fitnessgram is a fitness assessment and reporting program for youth, first developed in 1982 by The Cooper Institute in response to the need for a comprehensive set of assessment procedures in physical education programs. The assessment includes a variety of health-related physical fitness tests that assess aerobic capacity, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition. Fitnessgram is an educational tool that helps students learn as part of a high quality, standards-based physical education curriculum.  They learn how it feels to become more physically fit and how to value a physically active lifestyle.

Listed below are the winners from each grade level.

4th grade Girls
1st place  Jayla Phillips  (Ashton Ranch)
2nd place  Andrea Bolanos Rivera   (Rancho Gabriela)
3rd place  Gianna Clark  (Marley Park)

4th grade Boys
1st place  Marquez Tigue  (Surprise)
2nd place  Cree Thomas  (Rancho Gabriela)
3rd place   Bryce Comer  (Surprise)

5th grade Girls
1st place   Savannah Bell (Ashton Ranch)
2nd place   Juliana Cozma  (Dysart)
3rd place    Reese Tornberg  (Rancho Gabriela)

5th grade Boys
1st place   Angel Rocha  (Luke)
2nd place  Owen House  (Ashton Ranch)
3rd place   Narva Tigue  (Surprise)

6th grade Girls
1st place   Leslie Duarte (Luke)
2nd place   Kimberly Yanez  (Luke)
3rd place   Michaela Liddicoat  (Ashton Ranch)

6th grade Boys
1st place   Immanuel Gonzalez (Luke)
2nd place   Jackson Servais  (Marley Park)
3rd place    Wes Wunderlich   (Marley Park)

7th grade Girls
1st place   Alexis Martinez  (Ashton Ranch)
2nd place   Cara Braswell  (Rancho Gabriela)
3rd place   Abby O'Conor  (Marley Park)

7th grade Boys
1st place   Mason Kearly  (Ashton Ranch)
2nd place   Francisco Flores  (Luke)
3rd place   Miguel Strayer  (Kingswood)

8th grade Girls
1st place   Olivia Cano  (Luke)
2nd place   Jazminn Soliz  (Dysart)
3rd place    Danielle Cook (Marley Park)

8th grade Boys
1st place   Jose Arellano  (Thompson Ranch)
2nd place   Mateo Portillo-Rodriguez  (Surprise)
3rd place   Nathan Ferguson (Ashton Ranch)

All-School Championship Winner - LUKE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL

**All-School Championship Trophy goes to school with most points earned by team.  Athletes score points for their team by placing in each grade level event (first place receiving the most points, and so on). Respectively eight athletes will be given points in each grade level event.  

First place: 10 points
Second place: 8 points
Third place: 6 points
Fourth place: 5 points
Fifth place: 4 points
Sixth place: 3 points
Seventh place: 2 points
Eighth place: 1 point

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