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NAU brings seismic activity to Canyon Ridge
As a culminating activity in their STEM volcano unit, Canyon Ridge School’s seventh-grade team hosted Greg VaughanMr. Vaughn talks with students about volcanos.; a volcanologist from Northern Arizona University.  This guest speaker shared how volcanoes are formed and the impact these natural wonders have on the environment. Students generated Cornell notes and were able to ask specific questions, based on primary documents, to enhance their learning in earth science.

Mr. Vaughan displayed pictures of volcanoes that he took from all over the world and discussed the hazards related to eruptions and lava flows. He also discussed the volcanic nature of the San Francisco Field; more specifically Arizona’s Sunset Crater. He shared samples of ash from two volcanoes and learners were able to examine a hardened lava bomb and pumice.
Posted : 4/10/2017 | Direct Link
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