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CTE students win big at state conferences
Dysart High School HOSA Congratulations to the Career and Technical Education (CTE) students from all four Dysart Unified School District high schools who were honored at recent state competitions, including the Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) State Career Development Conference in Phoenix, the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) State Leadership Conference in Tucson, the Future Health Professionals (HOSA) Spring Leadership Conference in Tucson, and the SkillsUSA Arizona Championship held in Phoenix, Arizona.

The DECA State Career Development Conference competition allows students to compete in various business and marketing events and industry validated and aligned with national curriculum standards. The following students were recognized for their achievements.

Dysart High School
  • Chapter Awards: Century Club, DECA Flag Award, Platinum Chapter, and Total Participation Program Award
  • Executive Elite Members of the Year: Heidi Sanchez, Andrea Esteves, Jada Thurston, and Melanie Garcia
  • International Emerging Leaders: Heidi Sanchez, Andrea Esteves, Jada Thurston, Melanie Garcia, and Xochitl Lopez Gomez
  • International Scholarship and Aspire Academy Recognition: Andrea Esteves and Melanie Garcia
  • Fifth Place Written International Business Plan: Heidi Sanchez, Horacio Mendoza, and Vincent Randol
  • First Place Buying and Merchandising: Jada Thurston and Vanessa Lozano
  • Fifth Place Financial Services and International Qualifier: Angel Sanchez and Khaliyah Kelly
  • $1,000 DECA Scholarship Recipient: Melanie Garcia
  • Director Elite Member: Xochitl Lopez Gomez

Shadow Ridge High School
  • Chapter Awards: Bronze Diamond Club Award, International Advocacy Campaign Award, International Thrive Campaign- Promotion and Global Entrepreneurship Awards
  • Executive Elite Member: Lydia Brown, Faith Craig, Tanner Smith, and Zoe Taylor
  • First Place Overall: Ty Burke, Alyssa Cucci, Nathan Lundy, Ryan Miller, Isaiah Nguyen, Martin Olloren, Nicholas Perez, Zach Taylor, and Brody Fussell
  • First Place: Faith Craig, Alyssa Cucci, Karolina Gierlach, and Ryan Miller
  • Finalists: Lydia Brown, Logan Casey, Faith Craig, Alyssa Cucci, Karolina Gierlach, Ryan Miller, Zach Taylor, and  Zoe Taylor
  • Director Elite Member: Alyssa Cucci and Brody Fussell
  • Third Place Overall: Alyssa Cucci, Ryan Miller, Karolina Gierlach, and Ryan Miller
  • Manager Elite Member: Karolina Gierlach
  • Test Medals: Stanley Kumka and  Zoe Taylor
  • International Qualifiers: Ty Burke, Cole Callister, Faith Craig, Alyssa Cucci, Brody Fussell, Karolina Gierlach, Nathan Lundy, Ryan Miller, Martin Olloren, Nicholas Perez, Tanner Smith, Zoe Taylor, and Zach Taylor

Valley Vista High School
  • Third Place Hospitality and Tourism and International Qualifier: Danielle Diaz

Willow Canyon High School
  • Chapter Awards: Platinum Chapter Award,  Chapter Campaign Thrive Award, and School Based Enterprises Gold Certification
  • International Qualifiers: Edith Micu, Cassidy Cosgrove, Kayla Cosgrove, Lexi Bradley, Julia Stangler, Ariell Millican, and Cassidy Elinkski

The FCCLA State Leadership competition allows local chapter teams to compete in several different events representing a range of business, career, and leadership development activities. Valley Vista High School Culinary FCCLA students were presented with the recognitions below.
  • Silver Medal Job Interview: Tailynn Maldonado
  • Silver Medal Cupcake Decorating: Hailey Aegerter
  • Silver Medal Salad Preparation: Nina Rosales
  • Silver Medal Cake Decorating:  Ashley Murrell
  • Bronze Medal Salad Preparation: Erubiel Contreras
  • Bronze Medal Mystery Basket: Chris Flores
  • Bronze Medal Culinary Knife Skills : Gericho Hudson, Mak Mark, and Sabastian Nowell
  • Bronze Medal Cake Decorating: Sofia Rios
  • Bronze Medal Baking Basics:  Velia Rodriguez, and Aminah Smith
  • Bronze Medal Front of the House:  Trinnity Scott
  • Bronze Medal Chicken Fabrication: Janessa Wilhelm

The HOSA Spring Leadership Conference allows students develop leadership and technical HOSA skill competencies through a program of motivation, awareness, and recognition. The students below were honored with recognitions.

Dysart High School (pictured)
  • Chapter Awards: Outstanding Chapter Award, National Service Project, Qualified for Internationals
  • First Place Gold Medal in Community Awareness: Marcos Alcantar, Elizabeth Topete, and Callista Garcia
  • First Place Gold Medal in Life Support Skills: Leah Gill
  • Healthcare Issues Exams: Savannah Baker, Hana Ladig, and Ashley Cruz Cabrera
  • Barbara James Service Award: Ashley Cruz Cabrera, Saul Montenegro and Mackenzie Mitchell
  • International Qualifiers: Dysart Chapter, Marcos Alcantar, Elizabeth Topete, Francisco Morales, Mackenzie Mitchell, Savannah Baker, Saul Montenegro, Ashley Cruz Cabrera, Hana Ladig, and Leah Gill.

Valley Vista High School’s Garret Confer placed third in Life Support Skills and will move on to Nationals.

Willow Canyon High School
  • Fifth Place HOSA Bowl: Christina Duelka, Alex Munoz, and Lauren Elinski
  • Fifth Place Medical Terminology: Meera Gardner
  • Fifth Place Human Growth and Development: Mikaela Milanes
  • Fifth Place Health Education: Lorianna Daoud and Sirrae Heacock
  • National Qualifiers: Meera Gardner and  Milkaela Milanes
  • $500 HOSA Scholarship: Rebecca Carreto

The SkillsUSA Arizona Championships features 70 skill and leadership competitions that determine who will represent Arizona at the national SkillsUSA championships. Employers, experts from industry, and educators work together to design, judge, and recognize members for their accomplishments in competitions that have real-world challenges. Contestants use math, science, reading, and language skills in conjunction with hands-on technical skills to compete against students from Arizona.  The following students were awarded below.

Dysart High School
  • Bronze Medal-Quiz Bowl: Luis Brito, Brenden Brinkman, Krenar Hoxha, Patrick Ahlberg, and Trey Taylor
  • Bronze Medal-Career Pathways: Jazmine Rocha, Alexis Henry, Evelin Rosales,Florissa Ledesma, Ma Zermeno, and Bailey Wise
  • Bronze Medal- Employment Application Process: Alex Alvarado Ochoa

Shadow Ridge High School
  • Gold Medal 2018 Architectural Drafting: Sean Morey
  • Gold Medal Automated Manufacturing Technology: Dawson Clifton, Anthony Tong, and Eduardo Alcantar
  • Gold Medal Mobile Robotics: Patrick Fox and Alan Winter
  • Silver Medal 3D Visualization and Animation: Isabelle Singleton and
  • Ray Armijo
  • Silver Medal Advertising Design: Kaitlyn Smalley
  • Silver Medal Mobile Robotics: Logan King and Darek Sikorski
  • Bronze Medal Architecture Drafting: Rei Karki
  • Bronze Medal Advertising Design: Jamie Palacios
  • National Qualifiers: Sean Morey, Dawson Clifton, Anthony Tong, Eduardo Alcantar,
  • Patrick Fox, Alan Winter, Logan King, and Darek Sikorski

Valley Vista High School
  • Silver Medal Career Pathways Showcase-Information Technology Competition: Ashton Anderson, Warren Hodgson, and Michael Rocha

Willow Canyon High School
  • Chapter Awards: Gold Chapter of Distinction and Model of Excellence Awards
  • Gold Medal Quiz Bowl: Mitchell Zimmermann, Desiree Nelson, Melanie Wigner, Kai Sanford, and  Nicole Gutierrez
  • Gold Medal Extemporaneous Speaking: Jacob Eslick
  • Gold Medal Chapter Display: Justin Angel, Hunter Skoro, and Alexia White
  • Silver Medal Career Pathways Showcase, Arts and Communication: Percy Humphrey, Alexis Covarrubio, and Sinatala Tupua
  • Silver Medal Interactive Application and Game Design: Aiden Giles and Orion Evans
  • Silver Medal Photography Basic: Diannie Chavez
  • Bronze Medal Opening and Closing Ceremonies: Andrew Heinrich, Hannahlise Diggs, Trevor Tuttle, Cassidy Johnston, Megan Hutflesz, Morgan Percy-Fine, and Patty Arban
  • Bronze Medal Entrepreneurship: Bernard Angelo Ramos, Chad Corbett, Tim Russell, and Lacie Dickey
  • Bronze Medal Web Design: Percy Humphrey and Kai Sanford
  • Bronze Medal Action Skills: Malachi Delgado
  • Bronze Medal Promotional Bulletin Board: Diannie Chavez, Kaylee Gordon, and Ariana Peterson
  • National Representatives: Patty Arban, Jacob Eslick, Aiden Giles, Orion Evans, Trevor Tuttle, and Morgan Percy-Fine, Justin Angel, Hunter Skoro, Alexia White, Mitchell Zimmermann, Desiree Nelson, Melanie Wigner, Kai Sanford, and Nicole Gutierrez.

DECA, HOSA, FCCLA, and SkillsUSA are a few of the many Career and Technical Education opportunities offered to prepare students for the academic and vocational skills necessary to successfully enter the workforce.  Learn more at
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