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Movie-Video Permission Form

Administrative Approval to Show Movie/Video - Dysart Unified School District

It is the policy of the District that there is educational value in utilizing movies and videos in classrooms only when such movies and videos extend and/or reinforce the concepts being taught and have been planned for in advance. Because learning objectives can generally be met by viewing short clips of a video, a full length movie/video should rarely be viewed. Movie/video clips should be selected from approved curriculum supplemental resources. Prior administrator approval to show a full length movie/video is required. Every movie/video must be previewed by the teacher prior to its showing.

The following rating rules apply:
-  Appropriate for all grade levels


PG - May not be shown to students in grades Preschool through 5th grade


PG-13 - May not be shown to students in grades Preschool through 7th grade


R - May not be shown

Movie-Video Permission Form [PDF]