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The mission of the Dysart Unified School District Health Services Department is to provide high quality health care that enables students to perform optimally physically, mentally, and emotionally to achieve academic success while minimizing interruptions in the classroom.   

The Dysart Unified School District's Health Services Department is dedicated to:
  • Providing effective health education that motivates students to develop and maintain healthy lifestyles that enhance intellectual and personal growth and development 
  • Administering health screenings to identify and address deficits that impact academic success
  • Identification of community resources to provide opportunities for health care access for families and staff
  • Monitor, advise, and respond to trends in local and worldwide health issues that may affect the community

All Dysart Unified School District Elementary schools are staffed by health office assistants who manage students with illnesses and accidents that
occur at school. 

Health staff are located in the health office on every campus employing Health Services Assistants and Nurses to provide the following health 
services to include, but are not limited to:
  • First Aid
  • Attending to illnesses
  • Medication administration
  • Hearing and vision screening
  • Management of chronic health conditions
  • Communicable disease reporting and control
  • Health counseling
  • Community resource liaison
  • Serving as a resource to the education team
  • Promoting a safe and healthful learning environment

Each elementary school is staffed with a health services assistant who is supervised by a rotating Regional Registered Nurse that provides medical
consultation, training, and delegation for unlicensed health staff.  The Regional Nurse assists and consults during Individual Education Plans (IEP),
Section 504 and other student meetings, develop health care plans for students with health needs, and communicates with parents and medical

Each High School is staffed with a Registered Nurse and a health office assistant.

Jacqueline Hoeffler, RN, BSN
District Lead Nurse
Health Services Department
Exceptional Student Services
[email protected]