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Chronic Illness Information

Child with potential health problemThe Dysart Unified School District provides for accommodations for students with chronic health problems. This is defined as “… pupils who are unable to attend regular classes for intermittent periods of one or more consecutive days because of illness, disease or accident but who are not homebound.”

Students with existing chronic illness conditions should obtain chronic illness request forms from the Health Office at the beginning of the school year. When a new chronic condition is medically diagnosed, please notify the health office to obtain the chronic illness forms. The Medical Certification Report form must be completed by a licensed healthcare provider and returned to the health office. Once received, a meeting will be scheduled by the school to write the Chronic Illness Instructional plan. Once approved, a chronic illness plan is effective for one calendar year. The Instructional Plan is effective for the current school year.

Please refer to the Parent/Student School Handbook for more details.

Reviewed 12/2021