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Mandated Screenings

Hearing screenings are performed at the beginning of the school year in conjunction with the State of Arizona guidelines.
  • As required by State Law
  • Performed within 45 days from start of school
  • Grades routinely screened are preschool, kinder, first, second, sixth, ninth
  • Students new to district and/or special needs
  • Students identified by teachers
  • At the request of parent/guardian

Vision screenings are not routinely required but are performed as a service to the community.
  • Have shown to be beneficial in identifying vision problems at an early age
  • Routine screening on preschool, kinder and first grades
  • Required for students new to district and special needs
  • Can be performed at request of teacher or parent/guardian

An immunization record is a required document needed to enroll a child in an Arizona school. If your child's immunizations are not up to date, you will receive a referral notice at the beginning of the school year. It is expected that your child will be compliant with up to date immunizations or have the appropriate exemption form on file. Contact your school health office for more information. Please remember:
  • Immunizations are a State requirement (unless exempt)
  • Paperwork is required when enrolling into school
  • Students are required to be compliant with immunizations or have an exemption form on file
  • Students who are not compliant will be excluded from school

Reviewed 12/18