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Life Threatening Allergies

Please notify the Health Office staff if your student has severe allergies or has experienced an anaphylactic reaction

The health office does not stock Benadryl or similar antihistamines. Parent/guardian may bring in Benadryl or equivalent to have available in health office. The Medication Administration Release form must be completed and signed.

A Parent/guardian may complete an Allergy Action Plan; however, if the condition is new to the child, a physician signature is required. If the student has been prescribed an epinephrine auto-injection device due to a prior anaphylactic reaction, an Action Plan completed by a Physician or Licensed Health Care Provider is suggested. It is recommended that the epinephrine auto-injection device be stored in the health office and, if appropriate, carried in the child's backpack. A special self-carry consent form is available from the Health Office staff and online.

Students who have special dietary needs due to a medical condition are required to have a Confidential Diet Order form completed and signed by a physician or health care provider.  The completed form is given to the health office staff who will forward to Nutrition Services.

You may download forms in the downloadable form section of the web page

Reviewed   12/2020