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Medical Requirements for School Entry

The main goal of the Health Services Department is to keep your child safe and healthy; to accomplish this task the Nurse/Health Assistant requires medical information and/or physician orders on file.

Immunization records (or exemption forms) are required upon enrollment.

A Medical Management Plan for life threatening conditions (asthma, seizures, anaphylaxis, diabetes, heart conditions),  which is filled out by a Primary Care Provider, will provide valuable information to the Nurse/Health Assistant in caring for the student.

The Health Assistant/Nurse will need Physician authorization/orders for the following procedures if performed at school:
  • Tube feedings
  • Reinsertion g-tube or port
  • Tracheostomy care
  • Cathetarizations
  • Medications
  • Diabetic procedures

If a Parent/guardian requests that procedures not requiring a physician order/authorization be performed by the Health Assistant, the parent/guardian must fill out and complete a Healthcare Treatment/Procedure form. Some examples are:
  • Use of Incentive spirometer
  • Skin care

Reviewed:  12/2020