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Tips/Guidelines for Developing a Sub Handbook

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  1. Make sure there is an updated list of phone numbers for key personnel.
  2. Print and insert the District Phone Directory with the names and phone numbers of schools, departments and administration.
  3. Make sure you post the name address and phone number of the school near the computer, include the HO number.
  4. If you have an SRO Officer on campus provide name and phone extension.
  5. Detail the protocol for issuing an emergency call for 911. (who is called/chain of command)
  6. Provide name and phone number of local area hospitals.
  7. Provide a fire drill plan and include a copy of the evacuation route.
  8. Provide a log sheet with multiple copies for the sub to use (one for each child) on students who are seen in the health office that day.
  9. Provide a copy or location of frequently used forms; on your introduction page explain to sub how they can go to and get copies of forms and refer to the Health Services Procedure Manual.
  10. Explain the location of the medication (MAR) binder and the Diabetic log book.
  11. Explain/identify where the medications are located and who has keys. Explain how you have organized the medications and action/medical plans.
  12. Develop a list of students who require daily medications, include: name of child, name of medication, time medication is to be given, and where the child should locate. Subs do not have access to your IC medication schedule.
  13. Provide the location for your emergency first aid kit, where clothes are kept and where extra supplies are stored.
  14. Provide the location of equipment such as thermometers, SVC machine, pulse ox, B/P cuff.
  15. Make sure you have pens and scratch paper next to the phone.
  16. Attach to each Diabetic plan a summary of the days activity for the child: time he/she comes to HO, steps child follows before giving Insulin, what to do if BS is too high or too low.
  17. Remember, the more information you provide to the sub to make the day go smoother, the more likely the sub will return to cover your HO again.

Reviewed: 12/2020