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Peer Mentoring

teacher interacting with two studentsPeer Mentors are a part of the 21st Century Collaborative Network of leaders and learners. Their role includes accelerating the effectiveness of new teachers, a critical link to student success.  Carefully selected and well trained mentors will support the ongoing growth of instructional practices throughout their campus.  These full-time teachers will receive a stipend, training, and release time to support collaboration and observation.  

Primary responsibilities include:
  • Support new teachers
  • Facilitate growth of instructional practices for all teachers at site
  • Observe peers and provide feedback
  • Develop relationships to foster a positive school culture
The Peer Mentor job description contains additional details.

Selection Process:
  • Quantity per site determined by factors such as...
    • number of new teachers
    • campus size
    • site needs
  • Interested teachers apply to be part of the Peer Mentor program
    • full time teachers with 3 years of experience (preferably within Dysart)
    • proficient or higher ratings in all areas of recent evaluation
  • Principals nominate teacher applicants from their site
  • Candidate selected by cross-site panel interviews
  • Peer mentors will re-apply for the position at the end of every year
  • CaLL program will eventually determine eligibility

Stipend Amount:
$1,000 per year (peer mentors will also be allocated release time for observation and collaboration)

If selected, Peer Mentors will be required to attend several trainings. 

Training Dates: 
Training Program Overview:
The peer mentoring program training will continue over the course of three years.  The tools and techniques used in the program will include a support system developed by the New Teacher Center designed to develop highly effective teachers.  Those new to the position will participate in Year One training, those who return for the second year will participate in Year Two training sessions, and those who return for the third year will participate in Year Three training sessions.
  • Year One - mentoring for effective instruction
  • Year Two - reaching all learners
  • Year Three - deepening the mentoring experience

Application Timeline: 
Deadline for Applications - Applications will be released soon. 
Interviews will take place in April and May.