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Helpful District Website Links

technology examplesLooking for more information on the Dysart Unified School District?  Our best resources for communication is  Here are some helpful links to assist with navigating the site.

Dysart Curriculum and Standards
iPlan contains lesson plans, electronic resources, standards, learning materials, teaching materials, and many other resources that allow teachers to create customized and personalized lesson plans.

Dysart Gifted Program
Based on the unique needs and characteristics of students identified as gifted, the mission of the Dysart Unified School District is to provide an array of services to meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of these students in our community.

District Budget 
This guide is designed to introduce the community to the Dysart Unified School District budget and how it works. School district budgeting is different than private business budgeting or personal budgeting and can be somewhat complex. This guide is designed to walk through the basics, covering the budgets main components. You will learn where the money comes from, how the money is used, and how you can get involved in school district budget decisions.

Join Our Team! 
The Dysart Unified School District is looking for dedicated support staff, teachers and administrators that are committed to creating a safe, diversified and engaging learning environment where every student attains academic excellence and is empowered to achieve life-long success.

Become a volunteer 
Members of the community who want to make a difference in the lives of children and offer valuable support to educators are encouraged to apply to become a volunteer with Dysart Unified School District.  Volunteers are welcome in all of our schools. 

Learn more about committees
The Dysart School District is committed to working together with the community to provide its students with an exceptional educational experience.  Each year, the district establishes various committees to make recommendations regarding educational programs and district endeavors.  Within various committees, parent representatives are vital to the success of the work team.  Dysart consistently seeks parent input and membership on various district committees.