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Clubs & Activities

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Student Council
Advisor: Liza Schlinger
President: Ashley P
Vice-President: Rylie M
Secretary: Eliza S
Treasurer: Josh S
Historian: Olivia S​
5th grade: Stephen P, Dylan T, Kaydence L, Stephanie O
6th grade: Jack S, Tatum C, Hope W, Alexzander W, Johnaya T
7th grade: Braxton M, Jamie J, Viktorya E, Luke S, Landon M
8th grade: Paytynn O, Logan B, Launa R, Connor L, Kyleigh A

Advisor: Liza Schlinger

Advisor: Kristen Gierish and Heather Smith

Drama Club/Musical
Advisor: Beth Maloney and Keri Blunier

Advisor: Randall Badsgard and Sheila Kaiser

Bobcat Singers
Advisor: Randall Badsgard

Advisor: Gary Branaman

Garden Club
Advisor: Lisa Moberg and Allison Wear