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December 16-18th Reminders
Hello, Mountain View families, 

As we head into the winter break, we wanted to send out a few reminders and ensure that all families are aware of the process for reporting any COVID-related exposures while the school is closed. 

First, we want to remind our preschool families that Thursday will be a remote learning day, and Friday there is no preschool due to the earlier release times. 

Second, we would like our K-8 families to be aware that Friday is a 12 pm (noon) dismissal.  All students must either head home or be picked up immediately at noon.  The school will be closed and locked at 1 p.m.  Students will not be permitted to stay on campus after dismissal except for Dens Club students scheduled to attend on Friday.  

Third, we want to ensure that parents can still report any COVID-related exposures or positive test results while we are closed.  To report a COVID exposure or positive test, parents can either utilize the district's online reporting form or they can leave a message on the school's main line (623-876-7450 - when the menu begins, press 0 and then leave a message) or on the nurse's line (when the menu begins, press 2).  Please do not leave a COVID-related message on the attendance line over break, as this line will not be checked until we return on January 4th. 

School will resume on Monday, January 4th. The office will reopen at 8 a.m. on the 4th, and school begins at 9. 

Finally, we wish you all a very happy and safe holiday season!
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MVS STEAM Showcase
The students at Mountain View are proud to present the first ever Virtual S.T.E.A.M. Showcase, demonstrating their amazing skills and knowledge in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.  

While we missed having all of you on campus for the showcase, we hope you enjoy it!
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New Online Student Positive COVID Reporting Form
The District has created a new Online Reporting Form that parents/guardians should use to report a student's positive test result for COVID-19. 

If someone in the household has tested positive, please leave a message on the Attendance line (623-876-7453) and keep all students home until the nurse or administrator calls to verify all the information. 
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Thank You, Veterans!
The Staff and Students at Mountain View School would like to extend our most ardent thanks to all of our military families, to all who have served in the past and who are currently serving in the Armed Forces.  We honor your service and the sacrifices you each have made.  

Please view the Mountain View Veterans Day Slideshow that our staff and students created. 

Thank you!
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Picture Day Schedule 10/29/20
It's almost time for Picture day! Put on your favorite clothes, style your hair, and come ready for your close-up on Thursday, October 29th! This year there are a few differences in the format, so please read closely. 

All grade levels will be going to the gym for pictures during their Specials period.  Classes will be staggered to ensure social distancing. 

iSchool students are welcome to come for picture day.  They can be brought to the front office, where we will sign them in, take their temperature, and someone will escort them to the gym for pictures.  iSchool students can either come during their grade level's 40-minute time slot or they can come in the special iSchool slot in the middle of the day.  Parents will wait while the student is escorted to pictures and back. 

Picture Day Schedule

9:05-9:45 - 4th Grade - Brown, Gomez, Hines, Plonski - along with Mrs. Ford-Harris and Ms. Melendrez's classes

9:45-10:25 - 3rd Grade - Haslam, Loyd, Mizner, Welsh

10:25-11:05 - 2nd Grade - Carbajal, Nietert, Rodriguez, Scales

11:05-11:45 - 1st Grade - Brown, Ives, Whelan - and Preschool - Butler and Adams

11:45-12:25 - Kindergarten - Defoe, Jordan, Popovich, and Scott

12:25-1:05 - iSchool Extra timeslot 

1:05-1:45 - 7th Grade - Nietert, O'Donnell, Roberts, and Taylor

1:45-2:25 - 8th Grade - Lewellen, Rose, Shull ,and Strahota

2:25-3:05 - 6th Grade - Bramel, Konter, Mollicone, and Perry - and Preschool - Butler and Adams

3:05-3:45 - 5th Grade - Kimball, Johnson, Nieto, Zinck

Remember you can Pre-Order your pictures directly from Grads Photography. If you have any questions or problems with the order form, please call Grads Photography at 623.580.4723.
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Fall Picture Day 10/29!
Grads Photography will be at Mountain View on October 29, 2020 for Fall Pictures. You may PRE-ORDER your pictures online.

Under the current limited contact conditions, online is the preferred method of ordering. It is Easy, Secure and Safe. There will be a limited amount of order envelopes available at the school for those that require one for payment.  Please note that, school dress code will be in effect. 

If you have any questions, please call Grads Photography at 623.580.4723.

Social distancing and other precautions will be taken during the event for everyone's safety.
Thank you,
Mountain View and Grads Photography
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Cross Country Parent Meetings
If your child is interested in joining the MVS Cross Country team and is in grades 3-8, please email Rachel in the front office to receive an invitation to one of the two virtual parent meetings: 
  • Wednesday, 10/7 at 6pm
  • Thursday, 10/8 at 6pm

Our first team run will be Friday morning, 10/9, at 7am.  All students must have all signed waivers and permission forms turned in and answer questions for the health screening in order to be admitted to practice. 
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Welcome back Mountain Lions!
Hello, Mountain Lions, 

Our staff are so excited to have you all returning to campus over the next two weeks!  We want to ensure that you have important information about returning before Monday.  

Monday, September 14th - All of our Preschool through 4th grade students who are enrolled in the in-person learning option will be back on campus.  Our gates will open at 8:40am for soft start, and classes will begin at 9:00.  Monday is an early release day, with students releasing at 1:45pm.  The rest of the week, students will release at 3:45 p.m. 

Monday, September 21st - All of our 5th grade through 8th grade students who are enrolled in the in-person learning option will be back on campus.  This means all of our our in-person students will be back on the 21st!  

Remember that iSchool students will remain at home and learning online.  Teachers will not be offering live zoom or Google instruction for iSchool students once their in-person students return to campus.  Students enrolled in iSchool who have questions about expectations moving forward should contact their teacher(s).  Parents who wish to change their student's learning format - to iSchool or to in-person learning - can contact the front office.   

To assist with social distancing and updated policies, there are a few procedural changes that will be enforced beginning on Monday, the 14th: 

1. We will be opening up the doors by the iExplore lab to allow for an additional entrance each morning.  Students will be able to enter the campus through the Kindergarten gate, main courtyard, bus loop, and the doors by iExplore.  

2. Masks, face shields, or neck gaiters are required on campus.  Please make sure that your student comes to campus with one of these options daily.  

3. Please ensure that your student comes to campus with a water bottle, as water fountains will only be used to refill bottles.  

4. All students are now eligible to receive free breakfast and lunch through the end of the semester in December! Students can still bring their own lunch, but any student who does not have a lunch will be able to obtain a free school lunch. 

5. To assist with social distancing, Mountain View is not permitting visitors to enter the campus beyond the front lobby. For the time being, the front office will not be permitted to deliver items to students during the school day - forgotten homework, supplies, or lunch.  If a student forgets their lunch at home, they can obtain free lunch in the cafeteria through December.  If a student forgets a homework assignment, the student can turn it in the next school day and will not be penalized. 

6. If your student is new to Mountain View and will be coming to campus for the first time, there will be staff posted at many locations around campus and will be able to assist your child getting to their classroom.  We are not able to permit parents to escort their child to the classroom, but our staff are ready and willing to assist.  Students can always come to the front office and the office staff will help them find their classroom. 

We look forward to seeing all of our Mountain Lions in the next few weeks.  Have a safe and happy weekend!
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Electives & Specials Schedule

Have questions about specials or electives?  We have created a resource to help parents make sense of A and B days and elective schedules.  Check out our new Electives & Specials page.  We have information about in-person/remote learning specials (K-5), electives (6-8), A and B day schedule, as well as information for iSchool specials.  

You can also find the link by clicking on the School Menu above and choosing the Electives & Specials link under "School Resources."

We hope this is helpful!
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Welcome Message from Admin
Hello, Mountain Lions! 

Principal Miller and Assistant Principal Miles have a special message for you all as we start our new school year.  

We know everyone has a lot of questions, but know that our entire staff is here for you and will do our best to answer all of your questions. 

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