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Site Council

Site Council allows the campus to share information with major stakeholder representatives. The group also receives and votes on requests for School Designate Tax Credit Funds from the campus. 

Facilitator:   Chris Borders, Administrative Secretary III

By Laws:   2019-2020 BY LAWS [PDF]

Next Meeting  - Tuesday 11-19-19

Future dates:  12-10-19, 1-21-20, 2-18-20, 3-24-20, 4-21-20, 5-12-20, 6-2-20 (if needed)

Committee Members:
Amy Hartjen
Chris Borders
Alaina Wong
Maryssa Siegle
Perla Tapia
Wanda Wong
Dietra Hughes

Meeting Agendas:
September 24, 2019 [PDF]
October meeting canceled due to no requests
November 19, 2019 [PDF]

Meeting Minutes Summary:
September 24, 2019 [PDF]