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Open Enrollment FAQs

Freedom Traditional Academy

This new, non-boundary school will have a separate enrollment application process for the 2019-2020 school year.  Applications for all students living in and out of the Dysart Unified School District boundaries will continue to be reviewed. Students will be selected for enrollment based on past grades, attendance, and discipline records.
2019-2020 Application

Please read and understand the provided Open Enrollment information below before clicking the Application button at the bottom of the page.

What is Open Enrollment?

Arizona state law allows students to apply for admission to any state public school, based on available classroom space. Open Enrollment applications are approved on a year-by-year basis with no guarantee of continued enrollment. While most campuses in the Dysart Unified School District will have space for Open Enrollment students, some campuses will have closed enrollment because of growing student populations. Students are expected to demonstrate successful academic, attendance and behavior standing.  As an open enrolled student, it is important that these standards be adhered to in order to maintain open enrollment status. Click here for Policy: Section 10.12 - Open Enrollment

Who may apply for open enrollment?
Any family in Arizona may apply for Open Enrollment into a Dysart school. For this reason, the state is considered among the leaders in the country for educational choice.
Where do I obtain/submit an application?
Open enrollment applications are only available on-line via the Dysart website. In the event you do not have online computer access, you may utilize a computer at any of the Dysart Unified School sites or the front lobby of the Dysart District Office in order to submit your application online.  At this time, parents/guardians whose student(s) are currently open enrolled at the school of their choice, will not need to reapply for Open Enrollment for a new school year unless wanting to enroll in a new school outside of their residential boundary area.

Is transportation provided?
Open Enrolled students may apply for District transportation on a regular education bus route within the attendance boundaries of the school to which the student has been accepted for open enrollment. For more information regarding transportation for Open Enrolled students, please visit the Transportation Eligibility page on the Dysart website or contact the individual school site. There are no established bus routes for Freedom Traditional Academy, therefore the Transportation Eligibility application is not applicable for this school.

How is approval of an Open Enrollment application determined?
Approval of applications first require a determination as to the number of Open Enrollment openings (capacity) available per school. Students who have submitted applications will be ranked by priority status according to District Governing Board Policy, Section 10.12 Open Enrollment. Students on the listing will be notified of their approval to match the predetermined open capacity of the campus; other applications may be placed on a Wait List. Selection is done by priority level, then by lottery within each priority until all seats are filled.

What if my child has an IEP?
Open Enrollment is available for students on an IEP. If your child last attended a Dysart school, their records are on file and can be reviewed internally. If your child last attended a school outside of the district, a copy of the IEP must be submitted to the Exceptional Student Services department. Your child's IEP will be reviewed to ensure there is capacity in the programs available at the requested school. IEP's can be dropped off at the District Office or faxed to 623-876-7885.
What are the timelines?
The initial Open Enrollment period begins in the Fall prior to the school year Open Enrollment is being requested for. The district will notify families of their application status before the new school year begins. If Open Enrollment is approved, and the family chooses to accept the Open Enrollment slot, the parent must submit a complete enrollment packet to the Open Enrolled school no later than 10 business days after notification of status, or forfeit the approved Open Enrollment. For priority consideration, a deadline is set each year for Open Enrollment applications to be submitted. Open Enrollment applications will continue to be accepted throughout the year, and will be reviewed as capacity is determined. If the campus has available capacity, the application may be approved using the priority determinations. Students may be granted Open Enrollment approval sufficient to fill the school's capacity and/or staffing. If capacity and/or staffing is not available, applications received will be put on a waiting list.
How will I be notified?
Parents will receive notification of their application status before the new school year begins.  Applications may be approved, denied or placed on a waiting list. Notification will be sent via email and/or mail.
What if I miss the priority deadline for the application?
If the initial designated Open Enrollment deadline is missed, an Open Enrollment application may still be submitted. Once available capacity is determined, applications will be considered based on priority status and parents/guardians will be notified. Once the campus meets or exceeds its capacity and/or staffing, either through Open Enrollment or population growth, the school will be closed to further Open Enrollment for the remainder of the school year. Applicants receiving "Denied/Wait List" notifications will be placed on a wait list or may choose to resubmit Open Enrollment for a different school choice.
May I apply during the school year?
Open Enrollment applications will continue to be accepted throughout the year, and will be reviewed as capacity and/or staffing is determined. If the campus has available capacity and/or staffing, the application may be approved using the priority determinations.
Can I Open Enroll my High School student mid school year?
No Open Enrollment applications will be approved for in-district high school students after the second week of school for the first semester or after the first week of school for the second semester. Open Enrollment applications on the High School wait list, as well as new applications for second semester, will be considered for campuses which have not reached capacity and/or staffing. Notifications are sent via email prior to Winter Break.

What if my child is currently attending on Open Enrollment, do I need to reapply?
The Open Enrollment status of each open enrolled student within a Dysart school will be reviewed annually. The District will determine whether current Open Enrolled students may continue in an Open Enrolled status based upon capacity and/or staffing of each school site. The District may deny continued open enrollment status for the following school year. At this time, current open enrolled students are not required to reapply for each new school year if choosing to remain at the enrolled school choice. 
What if I move outside of my original home boundary school, but want my student to remain on Open Enrollment status?
Once you move outside the boundaries of your original home boundary school, you must notify your student's school immediately and provide proof of residency for your new address. In order for your student to remain at their current school for the following school year, parent/guardian must submit an Open Enrollment application for the upcoming school year, and be approved for Open Enrollment status. If the Open Enrollment is approved, parent/guardian is to notify the current school within 10 business days in order for the student to remain enrolled for the next school year on Open Enrollment status. If capacity and/or staffing is not available for Open Enrollment, the student will be transferred to their residential boundary school for the new school year. 

What if I live in an unincorporated or unorganized territory?
An unincorporated area or unorganized territory is an area of the county that is not part of a school district.  Unincorporated or unorganized territory students are accepted at designated district schools based on the proximity to the unorganized/unincorporated area and/or the capacity level of the school. There is no need to submit an Open Enrollment application if you reside in an unorganized or unincorporated area and choose to attend the designated schools listed below. Currently the district accepts students from the unorganized/unincorporated area north of Jomax and east of 163rd Avenue. The designated schools are as follows:
  • The area North of Jomax and east of 163rd Avenue  Asante Preparatory Academy (K-8) and Willow Canyon High School (9-12)

What if I live in an unincorporated or unorganized territory and I want to attend a school other than the designated schools?
An Open Enrollment application must be completed if you want to attend a school that is not a designated unorganized or unincorporated school.
What if I live in the Nadaburg School District where there is no High School?
Dysart Unified School District and Nadaburg School District have implemented an agreement for high school students to be able to attend Willow Canyon High School. Nadaburg high school students need not complete an Open Enrollment application to attend Willow Canyon High School. Elementary students from Nadaburg must complete an Open Enrollment application.

What if my child attends a school outside my residential attendance boundary by provision of the Federal No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB)?
If your child attends a school under the NCLB Act of 2001, the student will be allowed to remain in that school until he or she has completed the highest grade in the school. 
What if I have a child in the first grade and one in the third grade and the application is approved for the first grader and wait listed for the third grader?
It is not uncommon for some grade levels to be at capacity and unable to accept open enrollment applications and other grade levels to have capacity for Open Enrolled students at the same school. The district cannot accommodate a sibling if the grade level is at or exceeds capacity when another sibling has been approved at another grade level. The family must make a decision if they want to have students enrolled at different schools, or decline the Open Enrollment seat in order to keep families together at one school.

What is the Cambridge Academy?
The Cambridge Academy is an advanced academic program for students at Marley Park Elementary School. If your child is currently a Cambridge student on Open Enrollment, there is no need to reapply if remaining in the program at the current Open Enrolled school.  If your student is currently an 8th grade Cambridge student, Open Enrollment is required if choosing not to attend your residential boundary high school. If you are applying for the Cambridge program for the first time, you will need to apply through the Open Enrollment process.  For more information on the Cambridge Academy, visit

What is the Innovation Academy?
The Dysart Innovation Academy provides a personalized learning environment for students in grades 6-8.  Utilizing digital learning tools and relevant, project based instructional approaches, this academy personalizes education for students by addressing the distinct learning needs, interests, and aspirations of individual students. In this personalized learning environment the students move from a “one-style-fits-all” approach to student-centered learning. If you are applying for the Innovation Academy for the first time, you will need to apply through the Open Enrollment process.  For more information on the Innovation Academy, visit

Academic Pathways
For a full list of Academic Pathways for K-8 students and 9-12 students, as well as Career & Technical Education for 9-12 students, visit under "Parents".

For further questions regarding Open Enrollment, contact


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2019-2020 Application


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