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Global International Academy

Luke Elementary is proud to introduce the Global International Academy (GIA) to you.
Please follow this link for the full website and more information.

Global International Academy at Luke Elementary School

Luke Elementary serves as the only Global International Academy in the Dysart Unified School District. Our mission is to utilize all forms of communication, technology, and appreciation for all cultures. We embrace an interdisciplinary program that provides our students with opportunity to think both globally and locally. Students investigate the world beyond one’s own immediate environment, framing significant problems and conducting well-crafted and age appropriate research.

We begin our journey with Open Arms Home for Children; it is a residential facility providing love and hope to children orphaned in South Africa. Opened in 2006, the Home currently serves 55 children, ranging in age from 9 months to 17 years old. Open Arms Home is located on a beautiful 70 acre hilltop in the village of Komga in south-central South Africa. The Home was founded by Bob and Sallie Solis of Litchfield Park and is supported entirely by donors in the United States.

Open Arms aims to be more than a place where children reside – it is a place of love, laughter and growth. Children are raised in cottages by permanent house mothers and fathers who live with them in a natural family setting. Educational needs are met through an on-site preschool and home school and a variety of grade schools and high schools in the local area. Like children here in the United States, the residents at Open Arms play sports, participate in music, recreation and church activities.
Most of the children stay at Open Arms until adulthood. Our goal is to provide the children with the intellectual, moral and physical development that they need to be loving, productive adults and future leaders in South Africa.

Open Arms Home for Children is licensed as a non-profit organization in both the United States and South Africa. More information on the Home can be found on their website at

Our Middle School students will be creating auditory books for the pre-school aged children. In addition, they will be creating a Youtube channel that will allow them to communicate monthly with University of Notre Dame students who work at Open Arms. This will allow our students to communicate ideas effectively with a diverse audience, bridging geographic, linguistic, ideological, and cultural barriers; all of which embrace our Leader in Me model and serving as Leaders to the World!