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Student Parent Handbook

The Dysart Unified School District Student and Parent Handbook outlines conduct expectations and consequences for students. At the same time, it outlines federal privacy, due process, special education, use of technology and other issues for parents and students. The handbook also contains a discipline matrix.  This chart of consequences, along with definitions, helps to ensure that all conduct infractions are addressed consistently across the district.

The handbook establishes the responsibilities of all students:
Attend school to receive an education.
Be on time for all classes.
Come to class with necessary materials.
Complete all in-class and homework assignments and meet all deadlines.
Obey school rules and school personnel.
Cooperate with school staff .
Respect the person and property of others.
Respect public property.
See that school correspondence to parents reaches home
The Student and Parent Handbook developed in partnership with school administrators, teachers and parents is distributed to each student. Parents and students are required sign and return the included verification form within 10 days of receipt.


Student Handbook 19 - 20