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Access to Websites Requests

When requesting to unblock or block a website please follow these steps:
  • Make sure the site is approved by our Ed Services department as an instructional resource or by your department director as a business resource.
  • If this site will be used by students, investigate the site and make sure that is 100% CIPA compliant.  E-Rate  funding is directly connected to the filtering of inappropriate sites for children.
  • Do not use sites that require detail students personal data. Always confer with Ed Services and your Principal prior to using such sites.
  • Request to block a website with offensive content IMMEDIATELY by opening an IT work order.
  • Submit a work order with the complete URL of the site.  Example:  www. . Submitting just the name of the site will delay the process. 

Questions to ask or research prior to requesting a site to be unblocked:
  • Does this site contain inappropriate content such as nudity, advertisements, offensive language etc?
  • Is there another site that is allowed by our filter that I can use to get similar content? Example: YouTube vs YouTube for Education
  • Does this site have a direct connection with our adopted curriculum?
  • Is this request for a teacher or students? Example; YouTube is allowed for teachers but not for students.
  • Does it need approval by my Principal or Director?
  • Does it need to be approved by Ed Services?
  • Is this request for a temporary access or permanent one?


rev.  8/9/16