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Lunch & Recess Schedule 2020-2021

Please see below for this year's lunch and recess schedule.  Please note that any changes will be communicated with our families. 
Monday Lunch/Recess Schedule
Grade Lunch Recess Recess #2
Kindergarten 11:00-11:20am 11:20-11:40am 9:55-10:05am
First Grade 10:20-10:40am 11:05-11:25am 12:55-1:05pm
Second Grade 12:40-1:00pm 12:20-12:40pm 10:10-10:20am
Third Grade 12:00-12:20pm 11:40am-12:00pm 10:00-10:10am
Fourth Grade 11:20-11:40am 11:00-11:20am 9:30-9:40am
Fifth Grade 10:40-11:00am 10:20-10:40am 12:30-12:40pm
Sixth Grade 11:40am-12:10pm    
Seventh Grade 12:20-12:50pm    
Eighth Grade 12:50-1:20pm    
Tuesday-Friday Lunch/Recess Schedule
Grade Recess Lunch Recess #2
Kindergarten 11:05-11:25am 11:25-11:45am 12:55-1:05pm
First Grade 10:25-10:45am 10:45-11:05am 2:55-3:05pm
Second Grade 12:45-1:05pm 1:05-1:25pm 2:25-2:35pm
Third Grade 12:05-12:25pm 12:25-12:45pm 2:15-2:25pm
Fourth Grade 11:25-11:45am 11:45-12:05pm 2:05-2:15pm
Fifth Grade 10:45-11:05am 11:05-11:25am 1:45-1:55pm
Sixth Grade   11:55-12:25pm  
Seventh Grade   12:35-1:05pm  
Eighth Grade   1:15-1:45pm  

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