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AdvancED LogoiSchool opened in 2012 in the Dysart School District, providing innovative, engaging, and flexible online learning opportunities.  Since then, it has grown to more than 5,000 students enrolled in a course each semester, with students taking classes to get ahead, catch up, or add flexibility to their schedule.  Additionally, more than 60 students are enrolled full time in iSchool.  

iSchool's vision is to provide flexible pathways for all students - anytime, anywhere.  Through our online class delivery, students from all areas of our state have access to classes and highly qualified teachers in subjects that they may not have available at their local school.
All iSchool classes meet the curriculum content standards that are set forth by the Arizona Department of Public Education, and all of our classes meet the recognized quality assurance standards for online learning classes. Students are taught by highly qualified, AZ certified teachers.  

iSchool partners with principals, counselors, and instructors to ensure consistent communication and support for the environment. In the learning platform, parents are able to see exactly what their student is learning and how they are progressing.

The Student Commons is located in each of the High School Media Centers.  Online instructors are available in the Student Commons throughout the day for student support as well as some after school and evenings for additional support.

Dysart, including iSchool, received district-wide, international accreditation through the AdvancED Accreditation Commission.  iSchool is also NCAA approved.​ 

If you have any questions, please call 623-876-7872 or email the iSchool office at  at [email protected].

Please visit our Summer School page for more information on opportunities available starting April 12 - June 24, 2021.


iSchool for High School Students

iSchool offers high school students in grades 9-12 the opportunity to be enrolled full time, take credits to work ahead, take courses to catch up, or take credits to add flexibility to your schedule. Courses offered include Advanced Placement, English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Fine Arts, Electives Options, and Foreign Language [per instructor availability for new courses]. Registration occurs through the counselors. In order to receive iSchool credit the student must receive a 60% or better on the final exam. The exam must be taken with an iSchool instructor. All notes used must be handwritten.

iSchool Course Offerings

High School Academics

Note: If you are a currently enrolled high school student in Dysart, or new to Dysart and live within the district boundaries, please contact your home school to register for iSchool. 

If you are new to Dysart and live OUTSIDE of the district boundaries, please contact the iSchool office at [email protected] or 623.876.7872

iSchool for K-8 Students
The Dysart Unified School District is excited to announce that in addition to our traditional face-to-face instruction, iSchool, our free full-time online school, will now be available to K-8 students beginning in August, 2020.  This will be offered in addition to Dysart’s already robust high school iSchool program. This experience offers students flexibility in learning with all of the benefits of being a Dysart student!

iSchool is designed for independent learning with teacher support. However, while remote learning is taking place district wide, teachers may provide K-8 iSchool students with links to the live lessons/teaching taking place during the school day.  This will allow iSchool students to join in on a lesson they may need more direct instruction with. Please be aware that once in-person classes resume, live lessons/teaching will no longer be sustainable for iSchool students, but teachers will still be available daily to assist and respond to students who need more support. Students have access to before and after school activities at their home school (i.e. clubs and  athletics)

Note: Please contact your currently enrolled school to sign up for iSchool if you live within Dysart's boundaries.

If you are wanting to register for K-8 iSchool and live OUTSIDE of the Dysart district boundaries, an Open Enrollment 
application will need to be submitted for the school of your choice. Please note: Submission of an Open Enrollment application is not considered enrollment in the school of choice. Enrollment is done once the parent/guardian has been notified of approval and parent/guardian has notified the school that they want to accept the open enrollment.
Additional Information
To access your courses, please click the links below


Enrolled students, please use your regular credentials to log in .

Please remember to check your DMail for communications.

Students sign in by going to the course login.
  1. Click on Sign on
  2. Sign on with dysart\username
  3. Password: your regular password
  4. Click Log in.

Please note: All high school finals are taken in the Student Commons on one of the High School campuses with an iSchool Instructor.  The student must pass the final to earn credit in the course.

Request a Transcript

Support Hours
In person after school support hours are currently unavailable.  If you are needed assistance with your course or course content, please reach out to your iSchool instructor at this time. 

Parent/Guardian Resources for viewing  course  progress and information:
  1. Go to
  2. Click on Sign In
  3. In the user name put:​ dysart\parentportalusername
  4. In password put parent portal password