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End of the Year IT Procedures

Important: All Technology support requests must be submitted via an IT work order. This is the only option to contact IT.
  • Device Check-in/Check-out
Please remember: You are required to check-in devices as part of the end of year procedures.

Please ensure that all laptops, document cameras, e-beams, response systems, etc. are checked-in and secured, by designated staff member, prior to your last contract day.

Staff members may, then, check out one laptop for the summer.  Staff members must have a signed contract for next school year, prior to summer check-out. (Updated Authorized Equipment Form must be completed and on file)  

  • Personal Files and Google Drive
Ensure any files you want to keep are saved to your Google drive.

If you are not returning to Dysart, please note that your Google drive information will not be accessible after your contract ends. Please copy any files from your Google drive you wish save. If you have Shared Google Documents that your teams may need, please transfer ownership of those documents.

Files saved on the local computer (including items saved to the desktop or C: drive) will be lost. Please save these to your Google Drive.

  • Phones
Phones should never be moved from any room, they must stay in the same room, the District 911 system is tied to each phone so that emergency responders can get to the correct building and room.  Phones should stay connected always, if it is not working put in a work order ASAP.

  • Public and Team Drives
Delete unneeded files from the "Public" and "Teams" folders. Please respect others and only delete your own files.

  • Password Reset​
District staff passwords expire every 120 days.  If your password is close to expiring and you would like to keep your password from expiring over the summer, IT recommends resetting your password before the end of school.  The easiest way to accomplish this is to go to  Staff Password Change and change your password.

  • Classroom Equipment
As a general practice, please do not unplug or move desktop computers when preparing classrooms for the summer break.

If equipment does get moved (cleaning crew, etc.), please note the active ports are marked.  This will help upon return to quickly identify where you may set up your equipment in a timely manner.

  • IT Work Orders
Please be certain that any problems with computer equipment in your classroom have been reported via the IT Work Order system so the problem can be resolved before school begins next year.  This also includes any I.T. equipment that needs to be removed.  

  • Teacher Websites with Google Sites
If you are :
Transferring to a new school, grade/content level,
After Infinite Campus has been updated your name will display.
This will not occur until early July at the earliest.
Group Site:
Individual Site:
  • Update the content to match your new position.
Staying at your same school and grade/content level
Update your information for the summer and upcoming school year.
Leaving the district
Group Site:
  • Remove your name and content pages from the sidebar.
Individual Site:
  • Save any information you need.
Your site will no longer be available to you after the end of the school year.

  • Setting your vacation responder and required signature
Some staff members like to set up auto responses on their email, letting anyone who emails them know they are off for the summer. If you would like to set this up, just follow the following steps:

In your inbox, select the cog (gear) in the upper right hand corner and choose Settings. Near the bottom, you’ll find the Vacation Responder section. Fill this out with the information you wish to convey. From here you can choose the dates you will be gone and customize.

In this same section you’ll find the Signature section. This will add a signature to the bottom of each of your emails. Please create a signature that includes your name, title, school name and contact information.
Note: Please add required notice.
CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This email message and any accompanying data are confidential and intended only for the individual(s) to which it is addressed. This electronic message should not be forwarded or copied in any form without the sender's written permission. If you are not the intended recipient(s), you are hereby notified that the dissemination, distribution, and or copying of this message is strictly prohibited. If you receive this message in error, or are not the named recipient(s), please notify the sender at the email address above, delete this email from your computer, and destroy any copies in any form immediately.

  • Schoology End of Year Procedures

At the end of each semester (high school) or school year (elementary), courses in Schoology are automatically archived and can still be accessed by teachers (click here for instructions). No action needs to be taken to continue to have access to these resources in subsequent school years. However, you may choose to either save individual materials or folders to your personal resources to continue working on them over the summer, or save an entire course to resources to preserve some of the custom settings like student completion rules. Please read the notes within the linked instructions for more specific information about saving materials to personal resources.

  • Apple Device End of the year needs
  1. Re-inventory each Apple iPad, and each set of earbuds and power cords.
  2. Unplug and store the earbuds and power cords in the plastic bin provided.
  3. Delete all pictures from each individual Apple Device.
  4. Power down each Apple Device.
  5. Make sure the red power button on the side of the cart is to the off position.
  6. Clean each Apple device. Apple suggests using a soft, slightly damp, lint-free cloth.
  7. Plug each of the Apple Devices back into their appropriate cord.
  8. Secure your cart to your wall mount and unplug from the wall. Any other devices not secured in a cart or with a wall mount must be taken to the Library, checked in and locked up for the summer.
  9. If there are issues with the devices, please put a work order in stating the location of the cart and the serial number.
  10. If the apple devices belong to the ESS department, they must be returned to the Lending Library.

  • Voicemail Passwords
Do not change your voicemail pin.  Your voicemail box is set up to your username and not the extension.

Note: Please remember when creating a work order regarding any voicemail changes to include the current extension.

Follow these simple procedures before leaving for the summer. If you have any questions regarding these procedures please create and IT work order stating your questions.