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Dysart Safe LogoThe Dysart Unified School District is committed to providing a safe learning environment for students and staff.   Many areas of safety can be shared with students that can be applied to school and home. At school students can be informed on how to be safe at school by learning classroom safety, what their roles are during an evacuation, lockdown, modified lockdown, or shelter in place drills.  Safety and security in our schools, home and community go hand in hand. What students learn at school can be brought home and shared with parents, siblings and neighbors. Ensuring that students know how to react during emergency situations and how to be attentive on the way to and from school will benefit our Dysart community.

To report a school or district level threat or concern, please complete a DYSART SAFE REPORT - CLICK HERE!

You may also call out Safe Schools Hotline at 623-876-7009. This line is not monitored 24/7, however if you call after hours please leave a message.

If it is an emergency, please call 911 and law enforcement can assist you immediately.

  Safety at our Schools

Doors remain locked during the school day, all visitors are required to sign in and wear identification, and school employees are trained to report immediately any suspicious activity to the proper authority.

Each school in Dysart has an Emergency Operations Plan, which has been created in collaboration with local law enforcement, communicated with all staff members, and is practiced regularly to ensure that everyone knows their role should a crisis occur.  Teachers and staff have emergency response information outlining step by step instructions during a drill or an emergency.

Safety Practices
  • Start of every school year Dysart schools review and update their safety plans for each building. These plans are shared with the district and local jurisdictions.
  • Each school has a safety committee made up of five to 15 members that meet to discuss facility safety, bullying, discipline, and emergency response procedures, etc.
  • School buildings have emergency first aid kits and various communication tools.
  • Every school practices at least one monthly fire drill, in addition to lockdown and shelter in place drills, with various lockdown scenarios.
  • Role play/table top exercises are shared with Administrators and practiced with staff during professional development.
  • The local fire departments inspect all campuses to become familiar with floor plans and where fire equipment is located.
  • Protocol is established for Dysart employees to have ID badges.  Visitors are required to obtain a visitor ID badge when checking into the building.  Employees will stop and ask anyone without a badge to report to the office.

Safety Tips for Parents

The safety and security of our students is our highest priority. Our school and the school district regularly plan and practice responses to ensure we are prepared for emergencies. We also suggest that our families talk about safety with students, during the school day and on their way to and from school each day. 

We encourage you to talk to your child and review some basic safety tips and routines:
•    Know how your child will arrive and depart from school, and with whom.
•    If your child walks to and from school, review the route and an alternative route with your child.
•    Establish check in timelines, especially the time you expect them at home.
•    Know your child’s friends, phone numbers, and possibly where they live.
•    Report any suspicious activity or persons to administration and/or police if necessary.
•    Talk to your child about stranger danger. Discuss what to do if approached by a stranger who wants to have a conversation or offers them some item or a ride.
•    Make sure your child knows his/her address and phone number, and how to reach you in case of an emergency.

Please remind your children to be careful and aware of their surroundings at all times. They should report concerning behavior to, inform a school employee, or call the safe schools hotline at 623-876-7009.

If you have changed any phone numbers or email addresses, please contact our your child's school to update your records.  

Thank you for working together with us to keep your children safe, healthy and learning each day.  Parents, students, educators, and community members can all take action to keep children safe—in and away from school. 

Responding to Threats

Every case of a threat must be taken seriously. Every instance of threatening behavior will be examined individually through our threat assessment process. Depending on the type of threat or threatening behavior, we will involve local law enforcement to assist in the investigation.  In order to determine whether a threatening situation exists under this process, school administrators and other personnel will be guided substantially by the provisions of A.R.S. 13-1202 and 13-2911. In general, a threat situation will be deemed to exist when, following an investigation by school administration and/or law enforcement, a student has been determined by admission or reliable sources to have:

• communicated a death threat against self or others
• communicated a threat of mass violence
• communicated a threat involving weapons or explosive devices
• communicated a threat against school property
• engaged in behaviors that suggest a substantial risk of lethal violence with or without direct communication of a threat

Please note, the impulsive communication of a verbal threat must be considered in the context of the environment, developmental stage, and interpersonal situation in which it occurs. In such cases, administrators will be guided by the District processes in place to determine whether or not a threat situation exists.


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