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Mainsite Box Placeholder - Do Not Delete

This page is used to host the boxes for your school home page. Any changes to the boxes below will be immediately reflected on the boxes on your school home page. We have added a Links Box to you home page. This box should have the popular links that users need. This box should stay in the same position within the boxes?. Users learn where items are on a website. If the box they use is moved, it disorients them.

delete box - This button will remove the box. This action is not easily undoable, please take consideration before adjusting. Some boxes do not allow deleting, because restoring them would require IT assistance.

edit box - This button will allow you to change the information in the box. Some boxes do not allow editing, because they are displaying dynamic information and don't have any properties to change.
Announcement Feed & Announcement Feed Headlines - This box pulls in content from an announcement feed from within your site.  Normal mode displays 3 items and the beginning of their description. Headlines will display more items, but only publish the titles.  If posting are very frequent, the Headlines mode may be better. This will allow users to see previous headlines longer.

Link Box - This box will display a list of up to eight links. The top of the form allows one to enter in a Title for the box. To add a link, type in the Text that will display on the page, a tooltip for if someone hovers and the link you want to go to.  The drop down list is available to select pages within your list of pages.

Text Box - This box allows you to enter in information similar to the page editor. There is not upload capabilities within this box.  If you need to upload a file, you may upload it to a webpage and then copy the link here.  When using this tool, please be mindful of the size constraints of boxes.  The website is built with a responsive layout. This means that the same content adjusts to the size of the screen for the users device, whether it is a large monitor or a mobile phone. With the responsive layout on the website, the smallest box is 280px wide and 300px tall.  Images and content should not be larger than those dimensions.

Video Box - This box will display an image of one video and direct the users to the district Video Library to view the video.  Only videos within the Dysart Video Library can be displayed here. Select the drop down arrow to choose a video.

<< - This button moves the box left in the order. 

>> - This button moves the box right in the order.

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