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Innovation Academy

Innovation Academy LogoThe Dysart Innovation Academy provides a personalized learning environment for students in grades 6-8.  Utilizing digital learning tools and relevant, project based instructional approaches,  the academy personalizes education for students by addressing the distinct learning needs, interests, and aspirations of individual students. In this personalized learning environment the students move from a “one-style-fits-all” approach to student-centered learning.

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Personalized learning allows instruction to be paced to student needs, modified to address learning preferences, and tailored to the interests of each learner.  Student voice will be an important component with children engaged in decisions about the what, when and how of learning.  Teachers will facilitate and mentor students who are engaged in integrated, real life learning experiences.  Technology will allow students the opportunity to take ownership for their learning.  

How is the Innovation Academy different:

  • One to one technology
  • Students will engage in decisions about the what, when and how of through the mastery of content and skills through project based learning
  • Teachers will facilitate and mentor students who are engaged in integrated learning experiences
  • Online learning resources with 24/7 access
  • Blended, flipped and online instructional strategies
  • Project based instruction
  • Incorporated entrepreneurship and leadership skills


The Innovation Academy is founded in the strong foundation of core education instruction through the use of new century skills and innovative learning strategies.  Competency measures demonstrate student success as they master skills.  In creating a competency based environment, students will apply lessons and skills by engaging in real-world, authentic problems and learning strategies to become independent and innovative thinkers. These strategies are the keys an ever-changing world focused on student knowledge and the ability to work creatively to find solutions in society and in the workplace.

Students will use:

  • technology to transform the learning environment beyond the walls of a typical classroom and a traditionally defined school day schedule
  • a blended learning approach to complete skills through the mentorship of teachers
  • competency based curriculum to master competencies to move on to the next lesson
  • project based skills application

In addition to learning the core subjects, students of today need to learn career oriented skills, aimed at achieving success in the workforce.  Skills of tomorrow include leadership, team building, goal setting, planning, decision making, ethical judgment, and higher-order thinking through critical thinking and problem-solving.  

For more information, please contact the Innovation Academy at 623.523.8777 or at [email protected]

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