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Chemical Hygiene Plan, Documents and Information

This page provides information and links to managing a safe environment for employees, students and community members in managing chemicals on our campus sites.

TIB No. 31-12 (HEG) Hazards from Chemicals [PDF]

Below are the Safety Data Sheets for Chemicals located on each campus site (with the exception of chemicals utilized in science labs).  These SDS sheets must be printed and kept in a binder in the school's front office and in the Plant Manager's office.  Please ensure that you print double-sided and ensure that all pages are in order.  

Combined SDS Sheets in Alphabetical Order [PDF]

New OSHA Standards - 
School Chemistry Laboratory - Chemical Storage Powerpoint Presentation [PDF]

School Chemistry Laboratory Safety Guide [PDF]

The Trust Restricted Chemical Lists updated 3 18 2010 [PDF]

Each school year, science leads and/or chairs must inventory all chemicals and maintain that inventory listing.  For chemicals that need to be removed, please complete the "Request for Chemical Removal Form" and attach a copy of the safety data sheet (SDS). Then submit the form and safety data sheets to Risk Management and provide a copy to your plant manager.  The district will provide the removal service for the approved chemicals that need to be removed from school sites.  Please ensure that you complete the form with all the information requested (the vendors will need accurate information to provide  a quote for the removal and proper disposal of the chemicals.

Please do not order  or reorder any of the chemicals listed on  "The Trust Restricted Chemicals Lists updated 3 18 1010 [PDF]" (click on the title above to see the list of chemicals).

Request for Chemical Removal Form [PDF]