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Technology Purchasing Process

Each year, school sites and departments engage in a continuous improvement process and create integrated action plans detailing their goals for learning and efficiency. Technology purchases (hardware and software) must be aligned to support the school or department CIP and with the district strategic plan.  Completing a Technology Innovation Plan (TIP) prior to a technology purchase demonstrates alignment and will meet requirements for technical specifications, accessibility, privacy, security, and data interoperability.

Technology Innovation Plan (TIP)
  • Drafted for any new technology purchase (hardware or software)
  • Reviewed and approved by the site or department administrator
  • Shared with  IT Department ([email protected]). Editable access please.
  • After approval, a TIP Approval Code is provided for processing the purchase requisition
TIP Template (blank)

Technology Purchasing FAQ's

When is a TIP needed?
A TIP is required prior to a new technology (hardware or software) purchase.  A TIP is also required prior to the implementation of a free trial or evaluation of technology. The TIP is a communication tool used to determine if new technology meets compatibility standards with our current infrastructure.

When is a TIP not needed to purchase technology?
A TIP might not be needed when purchasing standard technology (computer, projector, etc.) for a new position or for replacing existing broken technology.  In each of these instances, a work order should be created in the IT work order system.  IT will assess the existing technology to determine whether a new purchase is required or whether to repair the existing technology.  In either case, the school is responsible for the cost of repairing or replacing technology.
How is a TIP submitted?
From the TIP template, a new Google Document is created and information added.  The document should be shared with the site or department administrator so they can indicate their approval through the Google Doc “comment” feature.  After the site administrator has approved the TIP, the document should be shared with the IT Department ([email protected])
When will I receive a quote?
Most requestors will receive a quote, and a TIP approval code to be documented on the requisition, within a week of submitting an approved TIP.  This time could increase depending on negotiations with vendors.  Progress of submitted TIPs can be viewed online.

What happens after a quote is received?
After receiving a quote and TIP approval code, a requisition for the purchase of recommended technology can be made.  Adding the approval code to the internal notes of the requisition insures that approvers of the requisition know the technology purchase is in support of an approved TIP.

What if training is needed to support the implementation of new technology?
If staff training is needed to support the implementation of the new technology the site or department should make plans in advance to conduct training. Additional sources of expertise to support technology include Technology Specialists and vendor resources.

What if the technology requested has not yet been approved for use in the district and there is not an alternative recommendation?
Available technology changes at a rapid pace, and the Dysart Information Technology Department is continually researching and evaluating new technology.  In certain circumstances, technology purchases may be approved as a test drive of the technology with Dysart systems. A TIP approval code, as well as a technology evaluation plan, is required for test drive purchases.

What if I’d like to apply for grant funds to support technology?
Dysart has a grant approval process that includes ensuring the technology requested in a grant is supportable and aligned to district goals.  An approved TIP is necessary as part of the grant approval process.  More information about the process can be found online.