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Title I Information

The Parent Involvement Plan was created to help inform families of additional opportunities to engage with the staff and school through a variety of activities and avenues. There are informational messages, achievement celebrations, and many fun activities. Below is a link to the document.
 TRES Parent Involvement Plan [PDF]

This presentation will be used at our Title I meeting on July 31st. We will present important information about the achievement our students accomplished last school year as well as processes and procedures for the upcoming school year. Below is a link to the document.
2020 TRES Title 1 CIP Presentation [PDF]

The compact is the agreement between parents, staff, and students that outline how all stakeholders will share the responsibility for improving student academic achievement. We are all in this together. Below is a link to the document.
TRES Title I Compact [PDF]

This notice provides parents information regarding the certifications and licensing of our staff at Thompson Ranch. Below is a link to the document.
TRES Title I Notice to Parents Letter [PDF]

The Continuous Improvement Plan is available for all stakeholders to gather information about procedures and processes at Thompson Ranch Elementary. This document is reviewed and revised on a continual basis to best meet the needs of our students. Below is a link to the document.
TRES CIP 2020-2021 [PDF]

Our School Brochure highlights all of Thompson Ranch's amazing programs, important goals, and our school mission and vision,  
TRES Title I Brochure [PDF]