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Code to the Future

Student coding on tablet deviceKingswood, Surprise Elementary, and Dysart Elementary schools provide instruction focused on computer coding and computational thinking using a personalized learning based instructional design.  Students will learn coding  using hands on experiences in an age appropriate environment as they master Arizona State Standards.  Students will also engage in computational thinking, a problem solving process that involves designing solutions that capitalizes on the power of computers.

Students at the Code to the Future schools:
  • Collaborate  to apply learning and solve problems using computer science,
  • Critically engage in discussions on computer science topics,
  • Develop as learners, users, and creators of computer science knowledge and tools,
  • Influence the world the around them through computer science, and
  • Create, learn, and express themselves in other subjects and interests.

Computing influences our daily lives on a personal, societal, and global level.  Computer science, the discipline that makes the use of computers possible, has driven innovation in every industry and field of study, from anthropology to zoology.  Computer science is also powering innovation and solving many of our world’s toughest challenges.  As computing has become an integral part of our world, public demand for computer science education is high. Early engagement in computer science allows students to develop fluency with computer science over many years and gives them opportunities to apply computer science to other subjects and interests throughout the school year.  Employment opportunities in technology related careers are growing at a faster rate than other industries, but regardless of their future career many students will be using computer science at work.  As the needs of industry and workforce constantly change, our students will be prepared to enter a job market where technology and computer science skills will accelerate their earning potential and contribution to society.
Code to the Future
Code to the Future With Code to the Future, Kingswood, Surprise, and Dysart Elementary schools provide instruction ...