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Parking Lot Safety for Parents

When teachers, students, staff and parents  follow arrival/dismissal expectations, we all work together to keep everyone safe. School parking lots can be incredibly busy places in the morning when children arrive and in the afternoon during dismissal. Safety is a primary concern of the school staff, but it requires everyone's participation.

Many parents drop off and pick up students by driving or carpooling, and these safety tips can help with safe arrival and dismissal.
  • Stay in designated pick up areas as directed by school personnel.
  • Yield to pedestrians, crossing guards, and buses, and be aware that children who are walking home may not look both ways before venturing in or across a roadway.
  • The speed limit on school grounds is to be kept at or below 10 mph and drivers must operate their vehicles with due care and caution at all times.
  • Be sure to drive the proper direction through parking lots and nearby streets.
  • When waiting for students to be released, pull all the way forward on the curb to allow other cars ample room and minimize driving around.

Most importantly, parents should be patient, respectful, and courteous to other drivers while they pick their students up from school. Anger and frustration can lead to careless, unsafe behavior, and being a positive role model can help students learn safe procedures.


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