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Updating a Chromebook

Your Chromebook automatically checks for updates, but you can also check for and install updates manually.

Install updates

Your Chromebook automatically downloads software updates when it's turned on and connected to Wi-Fi.  After an update is downloaded, you need to install it.

To install an update:
  1. Look in the status area, where your account picture appears, for the Update icon Update Icon. This icon shows up only when an update is ready.
    Chromebook taskbar showing update ready
  2. Click Update Update Icon > Restart to update
    Chromebook menu - restart to update
Check for updates yourself

To check for and install updates before the next automatic update:
  1. Click the status area, where your account picture appears.
    Chromebook taskbar
  2. Click Settings gearChromebook settings gear icon
    Chromebook menu settings gear
  3. Click About Chrome OS
    about chrome os link in settings menu
  4. In the "About" window that appears, click Check for and apply updates.  Your Chromebook will start to install any available updates.
    Check for and apply updates button
  5. After the updates are installed, click Restart to update.
    Restart button after update applied