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Personalized Learning Defined

The Dysart Unified School District aims to provide a personalized learning environment where students demonstrate educational competency with tailored learning pathways that empower them for a rapidly changing world.  
Personalized Learning Graphic

Personalization ensures each student’s learning needs are met. Teachers serve as content experts who facilitate and mentor students. Engaged parents are partners with the school and their students to monitor and reflect on learning progress.

Students become self-directed expert learners who monitor progress, take control of their learning, and reflect on that learning based on mastery of content, skills and competencies. To demonstrate mastery of standards and the components of the Profile of a Dysart Graduate, learners are engaged in experiences including daily lessons, activities, assessments, and authentic projects. Students will have the appropriate resources to ensure flexibility in the pacing, order, and integration of content.

Learning can take place anywhere and anytime. Access to resources, including digital content, enhance learning opportunities for student growth and collaboration at school and online with options tailored to meet student needs. Students have the ability to make choices about where and how they can best engage in their planned learning activity with flexibility in learning places and spaces.

Students can learn during and beyond the school day guided by established outcomes, content, and expectations.  Learning can be 24/7.

Tools and resources are aligned to desired learning outcomes and student interests and may include digital content, makerspaces, project-based learning, or other appropriate means.