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Pick Up and Drop Off Procedures

Map of Pick up and Drop off proceduresRancho Gabriela Elementary School has developed drop off and pick up procedures that ensures the safety of everyone during a busy time.  Please review the following images and information to ensure you and your student arrive and leave school safely.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Pick Up and Drop Off Procedures

When Entering the School:
  • All vehicles must enter the school from W. Gabriela Dr. on the West side of the school.
  • The area on the North end of the school is for exiting only.
  • The INSIDE LANE is for dropping off and picking up.  Pull all the way forward to the second crosswalk.
  • The OUTSIDE LANE is NOT for dropping off.  This lane is for through traffic or merging.  There is no stopping in the outside lane!
  • The parking lot is for parents parking and bringing their students into the school.  Please utilize crosswalks.

When Exiting the School:
  • The INSIDE LANE is accessing North Parking Lot, turning right, or going straight out of North Exit.
  • The OUTSIDE LANE is for turning left out of North Exit.
Map of Pick up and Drop off procedures

Safety First: Walking & Biking to School
School safety begins before children arrive at school, and it doesn’t end until they arrive safely home. Parents can assist their child to make sure their journey is safe every day by following the Safety guidelines listed below.
  • Make sure your child has a safe route to and from school.  Walk or bike the route yourself to check for traffic visibility, potential hazards and safe street crossings at marked crosswalks. 
  • Obey all traffic signs, signals and crossing guards.
  • Discuss the importance of staying alert to dangers of traffic and potential hazards.
Walk Safely
  • Walk with a friend, neighbor or group whenever possible.
  • Walk on sidewalks or walking paths facing oncoming traffic.
  • After looking both directions, always walk across streets, do not run.
  • Watch for cars at every driveway and intersection.  Look for drivers in parked cars who may be ready to move.

Bicycle Safely
A bicycle helmet is a must.  Make sure your child always wears a helmet even for short distances. Follow these basic rules of the road:
  • Ride with traffic and always get off and walk your bike across crosswalks.
  • Stop and look in all directions before entering the street.
  • Stop at all intersections, whether marked or not.
  • Use hand signals before turning and look in every direction.