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Arizona Accountability System Letter Grades

Arizona Revised Statutes § 15-241 requires the Arizona Department of Education, subject to final adoption by the State Board of Education, to develop an annual achievement profile for every public school in the state based on an A through F scale. The system measures year to year student academic growth, proficiency on English language arts, math and science, the proficiency and academic growth of English language learners, indicators that an elementary student is ready for success in high school and that high school students are ready to succeed in a career or higher education and high school graduation rates.

Due to school closures resulting from COVID-19, House Bill 2910 carried over prior year A-F Letter Grades. Therefore, 2019-2020 letter grades are the same as those awarded in the 2018-2019 school year.

The Arizona State Board of Education released new school labels on October 31, 2019.  Below are the A-F labels assigned by the Arizona State Board of Education for schools in the Dysart Unified School District for the 2018-2019 school year.  The letter grades are one piece of data.  Each school site's Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) are also below and demonstrate the steps each school is taking to raise student outcomes.

K-8 Schools Letter Grade
Ashton Ranch  B
Canyon Ridge A
Cimarron Springs A
Countryside C
Dysart Elementary B
El Mirage Elementary B
Kingswood C
Luke Elementary C
Marley Park B
Mountain View B
Parkview B
Rancho Gabriela B
Riverview C
Sonoran Heights A
Sunset Hills A
Surprise Elementary B
Thompson Ranch C
West Point C
Western Peaks B

High Schools
Letter Grade  
Dysart High                       B
Shadow Ridge A
Valley Vista B
Willow Canyon B

Frequently Asked Questions

The following explanation below reflects information from the State Board of Education in accordance with commonly asked questions regarding the letter grade release.

Q: What is the purpose of the A-F Accountability System?

A: The A-F Accountability System is the state’s attempt to hold public elementary, middle, and high schools accountable utilizing select data in areas identified in the state’s accountability system tied to student performance. The system:
• Provides schools with information identifying strengths and areas of focus produced through a weighted data calculation utilizing the select measures incorporated in the accountability system;
• Gives parents information based on quantitative information; and
• Holds schools accountable in those areas included in the system.

Q: Who assigns the letter grades to schools and when are they assigned?

A: The released scores reflect school data from the 2018-2019 school year. The Arizona Department of Education calculated the letter grades based on the cut scores adopted by the State Board of Education on October 28, 2019.

Q: What does the system measure? How are letter grades calculated for schools?

A: The system measures student proficiency and annual growth in areas identified below with the majority of the weight in the formula based on AZMerit scores in:
• Proficiency in English Language Arts and Math
• Growth in English Language Arts and Math (K-8 only)
• Subgroup: Proficiency improvement, graduation rate and dropout rate (HS only)
• Proficiency and Growth of English Language Learners
• Graduation Rates
• Acceleration/Readiness measures, which include chronic absenteeism and improvement of subgroups (economically disadvantaged, special education, etc.).
• College and Career Readiness Indicators, which include passing the ACT or SAT or earning an industry credential, certificate, or licenses.

Q: What are the numerical values for this year’s letter grades?
  K-8 Schools High Schools
A 84.67-100% 83.83-100%
B 72.39-84.66% 70.02-83.82%
C 60.11%-72.38% 56.21-70.01%
D 47.82%-60.10% 42.40%-56.20%
F Less than 47.82% Less than 42.40%

Q: What happens to D and F schools? What can schools do to improve their grade?

A: The Arizona Department of Education will partner with D and F schools to improve ranking through the development and implementation of an improvement plan. Once improvement plans have been implemented, schools are reassessed and schools that continue to perform poorly will receive additional involvement from the state.

Q: What if schools do not agree with their grade?

A: Schools will have the opportunity to appeal their letter grade based on data or extreme circumstances that are outside of the school’s control (i.e. a tornado touched down near the school on the week of testing and negatively affected student performance).

Q: How was the A-F Accountability System developed?

A: Based on the framework established by the Legislature in 2016, the State Board of Education worked to develop the system by appointing an ad hoc committee consisting of a range of stakeholders, utilized the Arizona Department of Education and the Accountability Advisory Group and sought public input.

Q: What are the laws governing A-F labels?

A: There are primarily two laws governing A-F labels:
• State statute A.R.S. § 15-241
•The federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

Q: Can I see the previous letter grade each school received? If so, where?

A: Previous school letter grades may be found here.