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Swim and Dive Meet 9/19
Dysart High Swim and Dive team competed on Thursday this week against Buckeye HS.  Overall, the team did well.  Although both teams ended in second place, the swimmers swam hard and showed a lot of effort in their events.  Our diver was able to increase his scores from the previous meet, indicating that he has been practicing hard.  

This week our theme was Believe.  We focused on having a firm conviction about our team and our swimming skills.  We are honoring two outstanding swimmers (H2Os) for having a strong conviction in their team and swim skills.  Our female H2O is Suzanna Gonzales.  She has shown a Belief in herself as a swimmer by competing is a timed event rather then an exhibition.  She showed Belief in the team by supporting each team member throughout the meet.  She has taken the idea of Believe to her classes and worked hard to improved her grades so that she will be able to continue with the team.  Our male H2O is Jackson Gertge.  He has shown Belief in the team by continuing to support throughout the meet as well as during practice.  He has shown Belief with his own swimming by asking for assistance in improving his strokes during practice.  We are proud of our entire team for showing a Belief in our team and each other, but especially proud of Suzanna and Jackson for an exemplary demonstration of Believe this week. 

We would also like to thank our staff that came out to support our team at the only home meet that we have this year.  Thank you to Alora Garrett for scoring the meet.  Thank you Cindy Rogers, Sunny Resch, Zech Guess, and Elliot Hinojosa for being timers during the meet.  

Dysart Swimmer
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Swim and Dive Flagstaff Invitational 9/14
On Saturday 9/14, the Dysart Swim Team competed in their first invitational in Flagstaff.  There were over 15 schools in attendance. The Dysart Swim Team competed in all but two events, gaining experience with invitationals and altitude. A few swimmers were able to gain a personal best for their events. Overall, we are proud of their time in Flagstaff!

This weekend, we wanted to honor a swimmer based on the Be A Champion theme this week, which is Hard Work. Andrew Crockett shows an eagerness to learn and improve his skills. At practice, he works hard by giving 110% in all practice sets. This shows and pays off when he competes. He is also accountable because he is very coachable.  He listens to the coach’s feedback and internalizes it, to correct his swimming strokes. Because of his Hard Work and Accountability, he decreased his breast stroke time from a 2:08 to a 1:49. This is a huge decrease and was at a high altitude!  We are proud of our H2Os this week. 
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Swim and Dive Meet 9/5
We are continuing our tradition of honoring two outstanding swimmers (H2Os) this year. We honor our swimmers based on our Be A Champions theme of the week. This week’s theme was Integrity. We were looking for two athletes that were honoring the code of ethics and sportsmanship that we’ve been talking about since we started this season. We are also looking for these athletes to demonstrate good sportsmanship throughout the meet. Our first athlete is Bethanie Lopez-Draeger. She showed integrity throughout the week by keeping her word about swimming a new and difficult event, working through a pre-meet cramp, and encouraging others on the team to keep working hard. Our second athlete is Josh Widomski. He demonstrated integrity by focusing on the dive skills he had practiced, encouraging others during the meet, and supporting a relay team. We are proud of our team overall, but especially so for these two as they took our discussions about integrity to heart. 

DHS Swim Team next competes on 9/19 at the Surprise Aquatic Center, at 4pm for their first home meet. We welcome you to come out and support Dysart Swim and Dive.
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Swim & Dive Meet Results 10/4
At the Swim and Dive meet on October 4, the Dysart team competed against Washington High School. The biggest challenge we came across this week was that the pool was a meters long course, which means that our distances are not what we are use to swimming. The Demons swam with heart and pushed hard through each of their events. In the end, both teams placed 2nd. Even though the pool was different, our team was able to complete their events in top places. Our divers were amazing this week. Cameron Hoiland places first and Joshua Widomski placed second.
Our H2Os for this meet were Jaysa Macdonald and Ammon Flemming. Jaysa was determined and focused on her swimming. She was where she needed to be and was helping others to be in the right place at the right time. Ammon tried some new events, which he did well in and he also showed a lot of spirit during the meet. 
DHS SwimmerDHS Swimmer
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Swim & Dive Meet Results 10/6
DHS SwimmerAt the West Valley Invitational on October 5th and 6th, Dysart High School competed against 20 other schools. Dive competed on Friday and Josh Widomski qualified for state!

The DHS Swim team competed on Saturday. Each swimmer did a fantastic job demonstrating proper technique with each stroke they swam. We had a couple of athlete achieve their personal best times.  Congratulations to Jaysa McDonald, Shea Mulrean, Alex Carleton, Ammon Fleming, Abraham Terry, and Ren Dickson for earning a personal best in their event.

We would also like to thank Tara Jones and Michelle Eckhart for supporting the team as timers during the invitational. 

We usually honoring two outstanding swimmers with the H2Os Award but today the coaches and captains determined that those who earned a personal best should all get the award.  
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